E3 2015: Xenoblade Chronicles X Wows

Hardcore Gamer - Xenoblade Chronicles X has looked impressive since it was first shown off. The successor to the Wii, and now New 3DS game showcased some of the biggest monsters yet in a Wii U game. Day three of E3 gave us a bigger glimpse into what to expect when Xenoblade Chronicles X finally launches.

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jsslifelike1247d ago

I've waited for what seems an eternity for XCX. In that time, I've also heralded it as the game that "makes or breaks" the Wii U. Boy, was I ever wrong. Don't misunderstand- I'll love every moment of it, but that and Super Mario Maker just seem like pity f***s at this point. Great ones mind you, but nonetheless...

Yi-Long1247d ago

This game is basically the last chance for the WiiU to seduce me into buying it, and that's only going to happen if it will have the Japanese voices included...

Zelda WiiU was the other big must-buy title that would come out this year, but we all know that's probably pushed forward to the 'NX' as a launch-game.

addictedtochaos1247d ago

Miyamoto himself said that Zelda is still coming to Wii U.

Yi-Long1247d ago

I know, and I'm sure it will, but there's little doubt about Zelda 'WiiU' coming out for their next console.

jholden32491247d ago

Who cares anyways.

Seems like the whole world is hung up on whether the Wii U will become a success or continue failing.

Frankly I just don't give a damn. I just play the games.

gamejediben1247d ago

My Christmas free time will be OWNED by this and Star Fox.

Take my money!

1247d ago
Emme1247d ago

I hope the NX will be at least as powerful as the Ps4, but I doubt Nintendo will get the third party support back like ever. So releasing Zelda U for NX is unlikely, as they need some showcase game, not one made for by then long outdated hardware.A proper NX Zelda is at least 4 years away :) I really wonder what the "gimmick" of the NX will be, I doubt Nintendo gave up on beeing "special", and that transformation thing Reghie meant...maybe the NX can morph between handheld and console :)