Xbox One to PC Streaming: Check Out What Xbox Games Looks Like on Windows 10

One of the main gaming features of Windows 10 is game streaming from Xbox One to PC, and if you are a Xbox One preview member and have access to the Windows insider preview, the feature is already available for testing.

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Crazay1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Here's a question I have that I'm not sure I've seen answered.

Say for example my wife is watching something but Fallout 4 just came out and I wanted to play. Can she be watching TV (through Xbox) and I can be upstairs ...or.. better yet.. in the hottub outside playing on my Laptop?

Abriael1275d ago

No, you can't. Streaming will show exactly what the Xbox One screen shows, so if you have TV on your Xbox One, it will show TV.

On the other hand, if your wife watches TV through normal cable box, or through ground channels (excluding the Xbox One basically) on the TV, you can stream the game to your PC.

Crazay1275d ago

Downer. Thanks kindly for the response

Pogmathoin1275d ago

How can you have a downer with your profile pic? Not sure how this streaming will be practical..... Always been wanting to stream to TV.... Not other way round....

343_Guilty_Spark1275d ago

They are working on a solution to this.

Btw for anyone not aware you can stream outside of your network by putting your Xbox in the DMZ.

Kingdomcome2471275d ago

Sorry for being a noob, but what is that?

Pogmathoin1275d ago

I will assume its not demilitarized zone??

Gh05t1274d ago

Thats exactly what it is. The DMZ is the buffer zone between the public and your private network.

It means its not protected by your firewalls or proxy servers... in fact a firewall and proxy server are in the DMZ so its putting it out with them.

brads41274d ago

You could also just allow the right router ports and internal routing and not expose your whole network to the risks associated with turning off all your security.

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maybelovehate1275d ago

I have already found a couple of good uses for it. Didn't think I would use it, but the convenience of connecting my console to both my Tablet and Desktop has come in handy a few times already. Although I would prefer they just start releasing X1 games for PC as well as Xbox now that they have the universal model in place.

SteamPowered1275d ago

My first thought was "Wow! What an incredible idea!" but now that Ive had time to mull it over, I just cant see the point of streaming X1 games to Pc.
More and more X1 games are making the trek to Pc, so the reasons for streaming are even less and less.

343_Guilty_Spark1275d ago

Steam games can be streamed already using the screen mirroring app. Once the wireless direct adapter launches you can stream and play steam games. THE wiFi direct Xbox controller has excellent range.

Kingdomcome2471275d ago

Interesting. I never considered Miracast for that purpose.

lemoncake1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

There are still games that are not on pc, plus now you also have 360 games available. You can also stream to weak pcs and tablets running windows 10, perfect for streaming to tablet or a htpc in a different room. it also streams at up to 1080p 60fps if the game support it so you don't loose any quality. The more I think about it the better this becomes, personally I can already see many scenarios where I am going to be using this.

@steam everyone knows pc has more exclusives no one is saying otherwise, nice try at throwing a strawman argument I guess. If you personally hate console games that's your preference but there are many people out there that like console games and this now gives them more possibilities to do that.

SteamPowered1275d ago

There are far more games on Pc than exclusives to the X1 library. If you have a gaming rig, you can stream your games to weak laptops/Steam Link as it is.
Unless you have a raging urge to play Halo or Forza, there really isnt too many times you would stream to the same room that your PC is housed.

This feature may be great if you want to stream to a tablet, but as it is, I really cant ever see myself using this. I would just play Pc on my Pc.

SteamPowered1275d ago

Its not a straw man argument, Im simply saying that there isnt too many X1 exclusives that would make this a must-have application.
I dont hate console games, Im simply not interested in streaming them to my Pc. If you are, thats great. Thanks for your opinion.

iamnsuperman1275d ago

I agree but the steaming to Windows 10 isn't important because of the PC capability (quite frankly streaming the other way makes more sense since it puts Windows in the living room). It is actually the ability to stream to windows phones and tablet. I do think Microsoft need to open this up though as the Windows mobile platform still doesn't bring in the numbers.

RobLoPR1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I tought you could also play a game's multiplayer but instead of split screen you can stream the second player screen to a Windows 10 PC.

raggy-rocket1275d ago

Admittedly, until they make it so you can watch TV on the TV screen, but stream xbox games to PC at the same time, it isn't amazingly useful, but as soon as they work that out, which I'm sure they will, it'll be an amazing feature making day to day life much more convenient.

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