Exclusive Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Unboxing

Sony releases the official unboxing video of the Batman Arkham Knight PS4 bundle

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JoeReno1004d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this. Monday cannot come soon enough

level 3601004d ago

Pity they had to cancel Batmobile special edition.

Probably the transformable toy car just got way too expensive/complicated to manufacture to be included., sure the fans would absolutely love it to death ( I would ) but the maker would actually lose money if it reached retail shops.

-Foxtrot1004d ago

Can't wait to get my Batmobile edition



Lighter91004d ago

Anyone know about the preload for the PS4 digital version? I was hoping to have it downloaded before it came out.

itsjustexuma1004d ago

Sunday it's always 2 days before the release date

Lighter91004d ago

Thanks. I was able to pre load The Witcher 3 a week before the game came out.

dreamed1004d ago

its marketing is for ps4 but on x1 you could pre load 2 weeks ago....weird?

xwilldemise1004d ago

Already got this on pre order, can't wait to have it shipped to me Dx
This waiting is a struggle

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