Vampyr - Open World Horror RPG Built Using Unreal Engine 4, First Story and Gameplay Details

OnlySP: Focus Home Interactive has just released the first gameplay and story details for Dontnod’s just announced horror RPG, Vampyr, which is being built on the Unreal Engine 4 and is due out in 2017.

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DarkOcelet1188d ago

Vampyr sounds like a current gen Vampire The Masquerade which is pretty awesome! I am gonna have to wait for 2017 to play this. Dammit! And PockyKing, Thanks for the amazing share.

PockyKing1188d ago

You bet, thanks for reading!

MWH1188d ago

Redemption was my favorite.
unique games that very few knows about.

1188d ago
Relientk771188d ago

I love Dontnod I bet this will be good just like their last 2 games

DarkBlood1188d ago

did somebody say horror rpg? my two favourite genres? SOLD.

on_line_forever1188d ago

horror & rpg

this is why always i ask for parasite eve

its an epic game and its horror & rpg

TheRealCrazedBuffoon1187d ago

Whoa dude you deserve a million likes... I cannot even begin to explain how much I love Parasite Eve 2 :D classic!!

1188d ago
WizzroSupreme1188d ago

Sounds like Dontnod is getting to finally make the games that it was meant to than bad Arkham clones like Remember Me.

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