Fallout 4 Dev: Graphics Matter; Enviroments Will Be More Varied

Fallout 4 Dev Todd Howard thinks that graphics indeed matter in videogames, while adding that the studio increased the game's variety.

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odderz1247d ago

One of the main things that put me off Fallout 3/NV was the bland, boring environment. I know it's supposed to be a wasteland but jeez, Chernobyl is way more colourful.

But yeah, Fallout 4 looks like a massive improvement to me. Looking forward to it.

Omnisonne1246d ago

This seems to have a mix of both, judging by the trailer.

I personally like the big empty wastes in F3, actually missed them a little in New Vegas.. but now there seems to be more variety.
You still have the brown-greenish gloomy wasteland, but also pale blue skies with yellow sands, and ofcourse the inhabited areas with much more color and atmosphere

Thunder_G0d_Bane1246d ago

Why would anyone want a game full of big empty areas..... Such terrible design. That's why I got no interest to return and play fallout 3.

Khajiit861246d ago

Totally agree. I actually got hyped for Fallout 4 so much I tried Fallout 3 again.... I just couldnt play that game now, I really tried but the environment and graphics are so dated.

LavaLampGoo1247d ago

I think to be honest it was Borderlands 2 that really showed off (for me) the power of varied locations for the first time. Slightly extreme but really well done.

kaiserfranz1247d ago

Borderlands is definitely exaggerated for my taste. It's good to hear about Fallout 4 though, this alone will make the exploration a lot more interesting

OneAboveAll1246d ago

Borderlands, I disliked that game. I wish they had stuck with their original plan of having it look more life like than a cartoon.

susanto12281246d ago

If your saying that graphics matter you have to make sure your gameplay is top notch..

Morrowind excellent graphics and excellent gameplay
Oblivion excellent graphics and excellent gameplay
Skyrim excellent graphics and excellent gameplay

From one artist to the ones working at Bethesda I understand
the drive to create a beautiful graphical world and convert it
to an art form I think gamers don't get that...

But but the gameplay is more important...this is the passion of
game developers from the content artists to the clay artists to the digital artists it's an art form.

These guys try to create an artistic world as best as they can when you guys say that graphics don't matter on the other side you have guys like Todd who are NO they do matter, and they matter to us...

Khajiit861246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Its 2015, I have played plenty of games that have great graphics and gameplay, so I hold all games to that standard... People say graphics dont matter, then Witcher 3 comes out with a few bugs and graphical glitches, gameplay worked great and people lose their minds lol. everyone should make up their minds, do graphics matter or not?

For me in a game like Fallout 4, the graphics dont have to even match GTAV or Witcher 3, come close, but have those great mechanics. And everyone expect bugs and glitches until its patched, lets not be surprised when it comes out and its buggy like usual, lets be surprised if it comes out and works flawlessly.