Rumor: Kingdom Hearts coming out this year in Japan

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days' teaser website has turned into an actual website now, with menus to click on and everything else you'd come to expect from a Square Enix website. It's still lacking in compelling content, however, aside from a downloadable wallpaper and a beautiful background song. (You can also see the Japanese character profiles for Roxas and Axel, as well as browse through a few screens in the "Story" section.)

The other interesting 358/2 Days news is that in the manual for the DS remake of Dragon Quest V (which released last week in Japan), an ad for the game boasts "Coming 2008." We'll probably find out for sure at Square Enix's DKS3713 event whether this is true or just an advertiser's wishful thinking, although it's important to keep in mind that us non-Japanese gamers will have to wait for localization, anyway.

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tweaker3800d ago

I'm guessing we won't see Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS3 or maybe even the 360 any time within the next two years.

Zerodin3800d ago

I'm sure there are some takers.

dappaute3799d ago

i guess this is the big announcement


Doesn't DS version have been already confirmed for this year?

Anyway, this is DS game, not even the PSP one, why bother?