PSLS E3 2015 – No Man’s Sky First Impressions: Creating a Universe

An article about the upcoming title, No Man’s Sky, in which PSLS' first impressions are embedded for all to read. Enjoy!

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excaliburps1273d ago

This looks amazing. Can't believe this is an "indie" game.

Eonjay1273d ago

Some of the details about the game are insane. Today IGN claimed that the planers were actually planet sized... that you can craft down to the atomic level (wait what?), and even take on the military if your wanted level gets high enough.

Also, you get to name any planet you discover.... which will be very interesting to say the least.

chrisx1273d ago

looks so good,its sad knowing i wont ever explore all the planets...its soo big

Lon3wolf1273d ago

Can't wait to explore this game.

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