London councillor urges for boycott of FIFA games following scandal

Councillor Awale Olad, the chairman of Camden Council’s culture scrutiny committee, has urged the people of his constituency to stop playing FIFA titles in the wake of its corruption scandal.

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If he works for Camden Council you know for a fact that he was baked off his tits when he made that announcement.

FIFA is not the same as FIFA

MrDead1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

........a Sepp Blatter kingpin mode would be cool though.... "Congratulations for awarding Stabby McNukem as World Cup host nation for 2021, you win a £200,000 watch."

3-4-51246d ago

I'll honestly probably get bot PES & Fifa this year like I did last year.

* Each do a few things better than the other, but PS4 ( and hopefully XB1) getting File Options now means we can import EXACT real logos and whatever else we, kits...logos.

I love that PES allows me to create my own league and so for me I'd rather play a made up created league that I sunk hours or days into creating, than play with the real teams.

I don't care about the history of these real players and teams, I want to create my own, so I care most about gameplay.

For me last year, PES 2015 stayed fun for longer periods of time.

Fifa would be fun here and there, but there was always 1-2 things that irked me or made me stop playing after a while.

PES had worse graphics, but passing and touches on the ball + animations were a lot more realistic and smooth, as was shot selection.

I had to "fight" Fifa last year to get it to play how I wanted to, and even then it wouldn't.

PES flows a bit more like the pace of a real game, at least on a greater number of occasions than Fifa did.

Both look to improve with their 2016 versions, but I'll most likely pick up PES 2016 first.

thorstein1246d ago

I just can't get into PES. And the reason is really weird, not sure if there is an expression similar on your side of the pond, but POS is used in the states and for whatever reason, I just can't look at the title and not think POS.

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Maybe he isn't happy with the Premier League player currently leading in the vote to join Messi on the cover?

I think it is Jordan Henderson.

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