E3 2015 – Microsoft’s Top 5 Announcements

IM PLAYIN discuss the 5 best bits of Microsoft's E3 2015 conference.

"Given the amount of criticism that Microsoft have received over their last few conferences, they needed to do something big this year with the Xbox in order to make sure they didn’t slip further down the tables. They needed a big one and they produced just that, with huge games announced and demoed, as well as a whole host of hardware upgrades. It was a show that must have made Xbox One owners smile."

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christocolus1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Yeah.. those announcements were awesome but imo Recore was a surprise too. I didn't expect such a game to show up at MS's conference. Gears 4 looked great and the hololens demo was amazing.

poppinslops1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I was so happy to hear that The Long Dark is coming to xbox... I've been waiting for that since it was first announced.

Sea of Thieves was my favourite new announcement... I'm a sucker for Rare, and that game looks like heaps of fun.

I'm gonna mutiny my way to the top... Captain Poppinslops ftw!

christocolus1272d ago

Sea of thieves looks rally good but i need to read up on The Long Dark.I've heard some cool stuff about it.

poppinslops1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

If you're in the Preview Program you can try out it's open beta with the new early-access feature... Personally, I'm waiting for the finished product, but I must admit I'm tempted to see how it's progressed since I last looked (I stopped checking in roughly 6 months ago, when I realized I was subconciously learning the lay of the land).

Basically it's a survival-sim set just after a 'Revolution' style 'apocalypse', with a story and sandbox modes... It looks a like a snowy version of 'Firewatch'.

Hinterland Games are bunch of ex-AAA devs with games like Baldur's Gate, God of War, Borderlands, Farcry 3, Red Faction, KOTOR and Mass Effect on their resume's... they're actually one of the most 'accomplished' indie devs around, and they're yet to release a game.

voodoogts1272d ago

The XBOX One new interface EXPERIENCE! The new UI is amazing with Cortana! Looks like they listened and perfected the interface!

maybelovehate1272d ago

It looks very Windows 10 like. Which is good. Wonder if they removed snapped apps. Strange that they weren't present at all. I do like the new overlay for Party, Messages etc. And if they did remove snapped apps I won't be very upset. Had pretty limited use and bad performance.

KionicWarlord2221272d ago

Nah snapped apps is still there dude.

Would be crazy if they removed snapped apps. Love that stuff.

maybelovehate1272d ago

@KionicWarlod222: Good to hear. I love the idea of snapped apps, but haven't really found much use for them outside of Party and Friends. And it was too slow to make those instances very good.

uth111272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

#3- so now showing lots of indies at E3 is a good thing? Haha, I can't keep track of these things :P

Elit3Nick1272d ago

There's a difference between showing lots of indies and showing mostly indies like the PS4 did pre launch

PlayableGamez1272d ago

My top 5 games from Xbox conference was
1. ReCore
2. Halo 5
3. RotTR
4. Gears 4
5. Cuphead

Elit3Nick1272d ago

Top 5 announcements for me:
1)Backwards compatibility
3)Halo 5 Campaign/Warzone
4)Windows 10 dashboard with Cortana
5)Forza 6 Trailer

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