Bionic Commando limited to 10 players online

DarkZero: In an interview with TeamXbox, GRIN, the developers of the upcoming 3D remake of Bionic Commando has commented they will not be offering a player packed online multiplayer in the game, and instead the title will have a limited but (hopefully) stable multiplayer that offers play for up to 10 players at a time.

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RonDeMuerte3793d ago

You can thank the Xbox 360 for that.....

RebornSpy3793d ago

What? That's outrageous!!1 Multiplayer can't be good unless it has 64 players or more! Curse you 360!!! [/sarcasm]

vitz33793d ago

To think there are fighting games out there that are LIMITED to only 2 players online. For shame.

This is BS. So now games are considered LIMITED if they don't have 1024 concurrent players?

PirateThom3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

10 is abnormally low though.

RebornSpy3793d ago

Depending on the gameplay and level sizes, 10 players can be perfect. Gears of War only had 8 player multiplayer and it is still in the top 5 games played on Xbox Live, over a year and a half after its release. The number of players doesn't necessarily correspond to the quality of multiplayer. It's all about gameplay and pacing.

Daver3793d ago

Bah... Bionic commando Rearmed is the only one i'm gonna buy anyway.

drdre743793d ago

yeah Bionic commando Rearmed is the only one I'm getting. this game reminds me too much of Lost planet reskined.

sloth33953793d ago

(10 is abnormally low though) not when compaired to GOW which only had 8