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Mike Stubbs: "Another detail that seems incredibly small but is in fact a big deal, is the new stumble animations. Instead of instantly losing the ball and that player being out of the game for a few seconds when they stumble they can now recover, and keep going in ways that seem incredibly natural. When playing as Juventus, Tevez was knocked around on multiple occasions when running against a defender, but usually managed to keep going after the stumble, prolonging the attack."

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KiwiViper851272d ago

"even better than last year" isn't a selling point, it's the minimum requirement...

Chumdiddy1272d ago

Exactly. As a fan of PES I'm just happy to hear that Konami didn't ditch it. My concern was genuine given their decisions lately. That said, they absolutely have to bring back the editing options from the past titles (at least) and I'd like to see an expansion upon them.

They could literally release PES 15 as 16 if they merely add a robust edit system. In fact, I think that every editing/option the PC has should be possible on PS4 & X1. Both consoles are essentially PC in architecture anyway.

Do that, sell it for $40 bucks & it would fly off the shelves at almost pure profit. Let the community edit real clubs into existence. Forget licensing, forget worrying about major gameplay upgrades (unless it's so drastic it can't be ignored as 15 played very well) & make it cheap. Do that and any gamer wanting a realistic pitch experience will jump on it. They'd convert tons of FIFA players, IMO.

REDGUM1272d ago

Does anyone know if we are getting a demo on psn? and if so when that bmight be?

Thanks in advance.