UK retailers expect Fallout 4 to outsell Skyrim

Based on their pre-order figures GAME UK have predicted that Fallout 4 will sell more than 20 million units.

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ifinitygamer1249d ago

Not really a surprise given the fanfare of the game, but knowing that this will make mainstream news will help people continue to realize how vital video games are to the economy. Win-win.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1249d ago

I bet Microsoft are reeling that Fallout was announced with a surprise release date of November.

It means TR will now sell even less than it would have anyway by making it xbox holiday exclusive.

mikeslemonade1249d ago

Yea when I see a bunch posts by my casual gamer friends on Facebook then I know it will sell well.

Malacath1249d ago

This is the one game i'm really looking forward to this year.

Already pre-ordered and am looking forward to installing PC mods on my xbox one

wakeNbake1249d ago

Its possible although the 360/ps3 install base when Skyrim launched was far greater than xb1/ps4 currently.

DivoJones1249d ago

Yep that's what I was thinking. 20mil would call for nearly 50% of current-gen console owners to buy it. Which seems a little .. ambitious.

_-EDMIX-_1249d ago

Agreed. I love Fallout and bought the last 2 day 1 along with Skyrim, but just don't see Fallout doing those numbers as Fallout 3 didn't and I'm not really sure why Fallout 4 somehow would.

The install base is smaller and honest, Fallout 4 is going against bigger heavy hitters this fall then Fallout 3 did in 2008 in my opinion. It will do great, but Skyrim or Elder Scrolls in general just has a larger fan base. I'm not even sure Fallout 3 did even half of the sales Skyrim did, Skyrim sold like 20 million units, Fallout 3 to my last memory did like 6 million or so. I don't even get where they are getting this from lol.

Eonjay1249d ago

I can see that happening.

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