E3 2015 Nintendo Digital Event Review

Inside Gaming Online's Sean Foster gives his opinion and grade on the E3 2015 'Nintendo Digital Event' and how it's left disappointment and outrage in the Nintendo community.

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ritsuka666947d ago

IMO 1/10....This E3 was a fucking joke beyond belief. Absolutely nothing was remotely impressive fromm Nintendo.

Moonman947d ago

Whatever, I don't share your opinion. More like a 6/10 maybe a 7/10 including The Nintendo World Championship.

Concertoine947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

I give it a 4

The streams made up for it a little, as did the NWC. Overrall presentation of crap content was good and funny, thats worth something.

RPGrinder946d ago

Xenoblade was not impressive?
Star Fox was not impressive?
Mario and Luigi was not impressive?
Fire Emblem was not impressive?
Mario Maker was not impresive?

Sorry but I doubt you even watched E3

RPGrinder946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

They get an 8/10.

emilijo777944d ago

45 Wii U games scored 80+ on metacritic

75 PS4 games scored 80+ on metacritic

so 30 more PS4 despite 1 extra year Wii U had

RPGrinder943d ago

How many of those are made by Sony? None? hahaha