Sony says it 'isn't over' for PS Vita, 'one hundred' games coming

PSU writes:

Sony U.K. boss plays down reports of PS Vita's demise, insisting it's still got a lot to offer.

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Sgt_Slaughter1099d ago

Should have shown some of those during your press conference instead of a 20 second clip, then.

Dlacy13g1099d ago

Yeah, I think their actions speak far louder than their words

donthate1099d ago

I couldn't agree more, PS Vita is on life support at this point.

Look at Nintendo's conference and 3DS had plenty of screen time. Sony didn't bother and they had plenty of time to do it too.

3-4-51099d ago

* 80/100 will be indie games...of which 10 will be good.

* of the 20 other "games", 15 of the 20 will be some weird game only 4% of the install base will buy, and the other 5 will be actual good games.

I don't want it to be like this, It's just a pattern I'm noticing with the Vita.

I don't want more "Neptunia" 13 year old girls in skirts games with demons.


nodim1099d ago

Which you kinda do and will have enough, it's not rpgs vita lacking. If you don't mean big western rpgs, but even psp didn't have those.

3-4-51099d ago

No I mean Good old school classic PS1/SNES/PS2 era RPGS.

nodim1099d ago

@3-4-5 Those games are from that era and don't exist anymore on any console. That's why they are called that, I don't quite get your point.

konorbeatz1099d ago

I think the least they can do is even slightly support the companies that are still bringing games out like Atlus, NIS, etc. They instead are completely disassociating themselves from it.

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ninjahunter1099d ago

You might say most of those are indie games, and you are right.

Eidolon1099d ago

I'm more concerned for the success of the Vita; success means more, better, higher budget games. These indies are not helping much with its success, being multi-platform and obscure.

gokuking1099d ago

Of course Vita has a lot to offer. It's where Sony will get PS4's fall lineup from; Tearaway Unfolded, Gravity Rush Remastered, etc.

N0TaB0T1099d ago

Well, E3 has come and gone Sony. Make this count.

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The story is too old to be commented.