Mass Effect GamePlay Comparison Between Xbox One & 360

Just a quick comparison between the same segment of the game running on both Xbox One with BC and the original Xbox 360.

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green1248d ago

Wait!!! so BC on the Xbox One actually improves performance the performance? Better texture loading and no frae rate drops.

Seems this christmas, i will be finishing the game for the sixth time.

christocolus1248d ago

The power of software emulation. You got to hand it to MS. They are skilled at stuff like this.

SonofGod1248d ago

I want to know how they did it. This shouldn't even be possible. Looks more like forward compatibility!

4Sh0w1248d ago

They look damm near identical but X1 version performs slightly better= Hell yeah I'll take.

I'm moving forward with next gen games but please give me
Mass Effect 1, 2, 3
Gears 2 and 3(I'll buy the remaster)
Splinter Cell Conviction
Batman AA
Ninja Gaiden2
I already got the MCC

-That's about all I need for my nostalgia fix.

Kingdomcome2471248d ago

Please everyone, "Would you kindly", vote for the Bioshock games. 1 and Infinite preferably. :P

XanderZane1248d ago

Yes, yes... I wonder what else this emulator can do and what will have once the O/S switches to Win10/DX12 on the XB1. Hhhmm....

Kavorklestein1248d ago

I was playing Mass Effect on XB1 yesterday, and the graphics and background/rocks/surfaces actually glitch on certain planets in the Mako... but only when driving full speed.
I was on Edolus, and I haven't seen it on any other planets yet, but yes, overall the performance on the Xbox one is a lot better in most situations, and the colors are deeper and more rich.
I also noticed some graphics or assets are sharper, and some are slightly sub par.

For example, the trees look fuller and more clear on the Citadel, and lighting seems more vibrant in MOST situations.
In fact, The only real sub standard effect I saw was the one while driving full speed in the Mako.

Overall, this emulator is sweet and works like a charm. (:

shloobmm31248d ago


No Lost Odyssey. Come On!!!!

gedapeleda1247d ago

E3 demo looked like it had frame rate issues, however this seems better.

I bet EA will announce ME trilogy remaster sooner or latter

4Sh0w1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

shloobmm3, yeah I hear all the time Lost Odyssey was great but its too much like a jrpg for me and jrpg's are not my cup of tea at all.

gedapeleda, the ME games on 360 looked fine, I'd be OK with them just making ME 2, and 3 available through BC now, doesn't really need a remaster imo.

blackout1247d ago

They are not lying when they say that they have the best engineers in the world. Everyone one was saying BC on next gen was impossible, well congratulations Microsoft for shutting up the non believers.

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Christopher1248d ago

Are both editions digital? If 360 version is on disc, then it being on the HDD on the XBO alone explains the gains in load times and the like.

1248d ago
Death1248d ago

The games are recognized by the Xbox One and then downloaded and installed to the consoles HDD. They are not played from the disc, it's only used for game verification.

Christopher1248d ago

@Death: I think you misread my point. I know the XBO is digital, but in the comparison, is the 360 version being played from a digital copy as well or off the disc. Reading from the disc will result in those slower load times that are shown n the video.

This has nothing to do with whether or not it's digital on XBO. That's given.

JasonKCK1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

The digital 360 version would have better load times over disc. The digital version does nothing for texture pop in, I think that's the X1 hardware.

IDK I can't really test this. I could test 360 vs PC which would be pointless.

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KUV19771248d ago

Well, actually it was to be expected that slowdowns due to hardware-performance on X360 would not be emulated too. With more resources the same things generally perform better. It's undoubtedly great but hardly a surprise.

starchild1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Not necessarily. Emulation is never anywhere near as efficient as the original hardware the software was designed to run on. It requires a significantly more powerful machine to achieve the same thing through emulation. It's not a given.

KUV19771248d ago

Sure, if the architecture is vastly different. But the technical difference between hard disk drives, for example, is minimal. The new one is faster, there is more cache, it loads textures faster. There is hardly any magic there. If the One would be slightly faster than the 360 I would agree, but the One is several times as fast as the 360 with somewhat similar architecture, so it would be expected to not have that much loss in resources due to emulation.

I am not saying this feature is bad or useless, the opposite in fact: it's great. But when getting the feature, it is not the super unexpected surprise to get better performance. Every console emulator (before PS3) on PC has better loading times, better framerate, mostly even better resolution than the console counterpart, because: more power available. In this case MS themselves created an emulator on a system where they knew everything about the previous and current hardware, which, again, aren't as different as PS3 and PS4 are, for example. So if the One would have run the 360 games at the same or worse quality, now THAT would have been the real surprise.

Death1248d ago


You are misinformed. Both the PS3 and 360 are PowerPC based consoles. You are being confused by Sony's marketing department. The Cell and Xenon are both RISC based unlike the new consoles which are both x86 based.

Team_Litt1247d ago

Schooled. Be thankful for the free education

KUV19771247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Yeah, sure, you got me.

I guess the hard discs in both consoles are also vastly different technologies, making it a miracle again that the one loads textures faster than the 360 did, as was part of my argument.

Also the one does not have a multiple of the resources the 360 has, again making it close to a miracle the One has better performance.

While the games for the X-One are based on DirextX, the games on the X360 are based on a vastly different API, called DirectX.

Also a multitude of developers back then came out and told all of us, that the X360 is easier to develop for, because it isn't as oulandish of an architecture than the PS3. All lies obviously, perpetuated by the SONY marketing machine, even the ones from third party developers.

I never said they use the same architecture, just that both MS-consoles weren't as different as SONYs which, no matter how you turn it, is not wrong. So maybe 'somewhat similar architecture' was a bit unfortunate of a line that you mistook as 'they are the same architecture'. But please, go ahead, and refute my other points.

Is it not more likely that better hardware causes better performance than it is likely that Microsoft performed a freakin' miracle?

If SONY created a PS3-emulator which obviously they are not going to do, I would also expect it to run my PS3 games better than the PS3 itself did. Even though the architectures are different: the hard discs are faster, the CPU is faster, the GPU is faster, there is tons of more RAM, the developer knows everything about its hard- an software.

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starchild1248d ago

Does it add any additional anti-aliasing? It seems they could apply some post process anti-aliasing fairly easily and it would improve the look of the games quite a bit.

1248d ago
TrollHard4Life1248d ago

I don't see it, It's a bit clearer. I wouldn't call it amazing though. The hardware has 8 years between each other for a slight enhancement.

Letthewookiewin1248d ago

Ya looks like I'll be trying to find the Mass Trilogy set at my GameStop. I didn't know it was going to improve frame rate. That is huge for me.

medman1248d ago

I don't understand people...I still have my 360 and ps3, with a large gaming library. I don't go back and play games I've played multiple times already, my backlog of current games is more than enough to keep me busy. I think it's a small percentage of people that actually revisit games in this way. I love the Mass Effect series, and it's my favorite trilogy in gaming history, but I have less than zero desire to replay the games in the trilogy again. Give me Mass Effect Andromeda and get out of my way. I'll let Shepard and crew live in my memory.

JeffGUNZ1248d ago

So you have no desire to replay old games but still keep old systems and old games?

Kingdomcome2471248d ago

Thats my question as well, JeffGUNZ.

KiwiViper851248d ago

I hope they BC Deus Ex: Human Revolution, as I have never played it and would like to before Mankind Divided comes out.

And I don't even have to pull my 360 out of the wardrobe...

Condemnedman1247d ago

I have games I have not started or finished on the 360 playing them on the x1 is a brilliant idea. Props to Ms for not trying to charge for this.

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otherZinc1248d ago


9th time for me.

Perjoss1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Impressive! does anyone know if the 360 version that was tested in the video was installed to the HDD or running from the disc? I'm liking the sound of this as I have so many 360 games I could literally make my own Throne of Games


Mass Effect <3

someOnecalled1247d ago

we dont want BC i rather pay for psnow. long live sony they knows whats best for me.

gninja921247d ago

if the mass effect mako at full speed, looks bad that sounds like just about any driving games may not work well.
But i just really need
NFS: Most Wanted 2005, to be added after all it was a launch title and a very popular one.

slasaru011247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I think, if they have some time, they could force some additional AA, as regular emulators do. Can they?

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TheGreatGamer1248d ago

Wow I wasn't expecting any improvements alongside the almost 1:1 standard emulation, seriously got to give a shout to the engineers at Microsoft for their work

TrollHard4Life1248d ago

You can't be serious, What is 35 people seeing that I am not. It hardly enhanced the game.

Death1248d ago

When you compare it to paying for streamed games at reduced resolution with added lag it seems pretty impressive.

Dizzydrifter11248d ago

It's free if you have a disk or previously purchased it digitally so there's that....

NeoGamer2321247d ago

I don't think anyone is saying that the games are being essentially re-mastered by the X1...

I think what people are saying is that when you see most attempts at software BC, you typically never see any performance improvements. But what we are seeing with X1 BC is that it is improving load times and the ability to hold better frame rates than a real 360. I think this is the first time I have seen software BC done so well.

BTW: This is not an emulator. This is probably a virtualization. When I boot BC games on my X1, I see an X360 startup splash and it logs into 360. Every single BC game has an extra 250 MB reservation file for it. This is probably configuration or an image of the BC VM.

gninja921247d ago

people love ot hype and praise when it comes from official sources, and they love to spend money they dont have on things they dont need, so how dare you sir "TrollHard4Life" tell us that there is no difference shame on you and your name

DragonbornZ1247d ago

Well you do troll hard for life.

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vikingland11248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

I wonder if it will help RDR & Skyrim when they get BC? Still impressive.

Letthewookiewin1248d ago

That would be cool I have Skyrim digitally along with Tales of Vesperia. Wow and here I thought I didn't care about BC. Egg on my face.

Sokol1248d ago

Looks identical, well done. Excellent feature.

Grap1248d ago

more like XONE is better.

Sokol1248d ago

In which sense is it better? judging from the above video they are running and looking perfectly identical which is a superb work on Microsoft part.

Maybe if we could see some gameplay footage to get a better idea?

zidane13411248d ago

At soil:it's betterbecause there's less pop in and better frame rate on Xbox one.

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