Will your Gran be the Saviour of the games industry?

Shoot, race, fight; fire, drive or hit. Aim, accelerate, uppercut; bang, zoom or thwack. Cover, brake, block; reload, refuel or regenerate.

It gets repetitive, doesn't it? Yet the chances are that whenever you fire up your console or PC to play a modern videogame, you'll be doing at least one of these things; and the worst thing is you'll have done it all a hundred times before.

Perhaps the flimsy plot is slightly different to the previous game you played, or you view the action from a first-person perspective instead of third. Maybe you get to control a whole army instead of one soldier, or it's F1 cars instead of rally driving. You may even be able to carefully monitor and control the attributes of your characters, instead of mindlessly hacking and slashing.

But still you shoot, you race, or you fight.

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