Don't Just Remake Final Fantasy VII—Reimagine It

Wired: As I was watching the trailer, between pinching myself and noticing subtle details inspired by—but, importantly, not in—the original game, the thought occurred to me: What if the remake went boldly off-road somehow, story-wise, instead of giving us a prettier regurgitation of an experience so pored over and ingrained in gaming’s collective unconscious that it still routinely places first on annual most-wanted remake lists?

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kalkano1188d ago

"I’m assuming stuff like the battle engine and item customization (materia) systems are going under the knife"

Tread carefully. This is the #1 thing that could actually make this fail (yes, even financially).

kingdomtriggers1188d ago

People like you severely overstate the amount of hardcore fans that would refuse to buy the game if it wasn't turn based.

starrman19851188d ago

The sad truth is that they won't just do this "for the fans" if they did it would sell like hot cakes to the old school players but it wouldn't really attract any new ones. Turn based combat is a dying breed now. The problem is if they go too heavy on trying to pull in a new audience, they may end up losing old followers and that would completely contradict the entire announcement!

Either way, I'm very excited to see this unfold, I'm just a bit apprehensive as FF7 is probably my true childhood game.

kingdomtriggers1188d ago

I see where people are coming from when they want turn-based and say they will not buy it if it is action based, but I just keep visualizing an advent children type combat system of cloud vs sephiroth and oh man….the possibilities. Also many people have the notion that action rpg=not tactical, even though that is not true at all. Star ocean 3>FF7 in terms of strategy in the combat system. but ff7 is a much much better game overall compared to SO3.

starrman19851188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

I will still buy it if it's an action RPG, but part of what made FF7 so unique was the materia system, it was so simple to pick up but also offered a lot of complex options if you chose to invest more time into it. It is crucial that they keep this as intact as they can, Star Ocean 3 did have a great combat system, it was action-turn based and that's what they need to aim for I think.

Converting to story/areas/characters to living 3D models will take time but I am not worried about that, I can't wait to explore areas in full 3D.

Adrian_v011188d ago


The problem is, people are too entitled. I seriously don't understand the people who want the >exact< same game just with finer graphics. What's the point in that??

If you're too stuck up in you world of turn based games then it's your loss. If you're open minded and rational (in other words a mentally healthy human being) you will give the game a try and judge after that. I used to be the same stuck up person like kalkano above, turn based or nothing else, cause action rpgs are button mashing and offer no strategy (/s), until I gave them a try and saw what can be done with them.

It's not like the original FF7 is going to disappear when this comes out, we'll just have 2 versions of it, for each type of fan something.

starrman19851188d ago


You are right, this isn't a remaster (which truthfully, is what a lot of people wanted) it's a remake. But calling the people who want it to be more like a remaster mentally challenged is probably taking it a bit too far...

I am open to change, and I am very excited to see what they do with this. However it's been 10 years of waiting for a lot of people (myself included - though I had pretty much written it off) and if they stray too far off the path they may break it and that would be awful after such a long wait!

kalkano1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

No, you severely underestimate it.

Adrian, once again, grow the **** up.

Adrian_v011187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )


It's people like kalkano here that make me call them mentally challenged. He goes into every single article and spews his ignorance to people who don't care about the battle system, looking more than pathetic and making stuff up as he writes. It's a game, someone talking about how they're filled with fury and rage on the thought that it's not turn based...such people have some serious problems man.

I'm just as passionate about Final Fantasy as the other fans but's a game. Gotta stay grounded in reality.

kalkano1187d ago

Adrian, you're delusional.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Well I'm all for it. I think re-imagining it is the way to go.

I compare it to the 1990 remake of George Romero's Night of the Living dead, where the director changed some things around. If you've watched both movies, you would know that the leading lady character was way different in the remake than she was in the original. And there were some other things that were different.

One thing I will say though, is that I think it needs to stay turned based. That's one thing that needs to stay.

DevilOgreFish1188d ago

They technically already took away the anime spirit FFVII had by swapping in human characters. It's probably going to eventually hit them how much is going to change when they settle for realism.

They already have Midgar with freeways and day and night changes.

phantomexe1188d ago

NO WAY it needs to stay true turn based not this action crap there is today.

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ThichQuangDuck1188d ago

If people want FFVII why not buy the game that came out 2017? If they want FFVII with good graphics then watch the cutscenes. I don't understand not updating the gameplay mechanics some

kalkano1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

There's a big difference between "updating the gameplay" and "changing genres".

Also, if people want to play an action-RPG, why not play one of the multitude of action-RPGs that are out there?

Spotie1188d ago

If people want to play the new FFVII that just so happens to be more action than turn-based, then people will play it.

There are plenty of turn-based games out there for you to play, too, you know. VII doesn't have to be turn-based.

Yes, it would be faithful to the original by doing so, but it would also be less than impressive in any fashion. And, as someone from Square Enix said, it'd look silly to have Cloud and crew jump forward to attack, then jump back and wait around to be hit.

Did you ever think that maybe that's part of the reason turn-based games are going out of style? Like you, I grew up on them and still love them; Persona is absolutely turn-based, and is absolutely among my favorite franchises. But that series isn't at the forefront graphically, it doesn't push a lot of innovations or anything like that, as opposed to Final Fantasy. Turn-based combat fits Persona on many levels.

But between the games looking better and better, and some of the insane things you're supposed to believe characters in FF games can do, just standing there waiting around in a battle just doesn't cut it.

kalkano1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

"There are plenty of turn-based games out there for you to play, too, you know."

BS. Turn-based games are few and far between, and 99% of them border on shovelware. Almost every game of respectable value is some sort of action/shooter game. This is exactly why the industry is on the edge of plummeting to a crash.

And, FF7 being turn-based and adding REAL variety to the gaming industry is just the sort of thing that can send it back in the right direction, and SAVE it. There's more than 1 demographic of gamers. But, the industry seems to be oblivious.

"And, as someone from Square Enix said, it'd look silly to have Cloud and crew jump forward to attack, then jump back and wait around to be hit."

That's presentation, and has nothing to do with being turn-based.

"Did you ever think that maybe that's part of the reason turn-based games are going out of style?"

They're going out of style because people associate them with shovelware, since that's how they've been made for the last 10 years.

"Persona is absolutely turn-based, and is absolutely among my favorite franchises. But that series isn't at the forefront graphically"

Exactly. That's the point.

"just standing there waiting around in a battle just doesn't cut it."

Again, that has nothing to do with being turn-based. You're talking about presentation. Any turn-based game can present the action in a believable way, with characters always moving around the battle field. You just keep thinking of older turn-based games and modern crappy handheld turn-based games, because that's all there is. If we had a recent AAA turn-based game, it would be so much clearer, and most of the people who are against it would quickly change their tune.

Adrian_v011187d ago

There's a reason all turn based games are either crap, shovelware or on handhelds - turn based isn't AAA material. Y don't you just realize it. Instead of writing BS write an example of a good turn based system with a good presentation. Persona is one of the best games with turn based battle system out there, it didn't manage to even sell over 1 million copies.

Nomura said several times that he always wanted FF VII to resemble FF Advent Children when it comes to battles. And he said that this remake will show how he always wanted the game to be. He's not making it for fans' sake, he's making it for FFVII's sake.

kalkano1187d ago

Final Fantasy X.

The only reason Lost Odyssey and Last Remnant didn't sell well was X360. It killed JRPGs. Publishers still look at those numbers and assume they just aren't popular. Logical fallacy.

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ShinMaster1188d ago

There will 2 types of haters when this game comes out.

The ones that don't think the game was re-imagined enough.

And the ones that think it was changed too much.

I'm just glad it's happening at all.

averagejoe261188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Couldn't agree more. Fans should be happy to dive into the world of VII again. It's my favorite game of all time and I'm open to change. I cannot wait to experience Shinra, Avalanche, Midgar, Cosmo Canyon, Golden Saucer etc all over again, even if re-imagined.

Thank you Square for taking this on. What once was a pipe dream and an now a dream come true.

TwilightSparkle1188d ago

I personally hope it has a advent children ty in

pasta_spice1188d ago

"How much more gripping would the game be if some of its most memorable (and hence anticlimactically predictable) moments weren’t carved in stone?"

WTF? Why would you want to see the game's memorable moments to be changed? If you want a story that isn't predictable, then play a new game. Don't play a remake and then complain when the story is the same as the game that's being remade!

Tiqila1188d ago

I think the author meant that SE could add additional story paths that depend on players decisions (like in the witcher). The original most memorable moments could all stay in the game.

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