Don't Just Remake Final Fantasy VII—Reimagine It

Wired: As I was watching the trailer, between pinching myself and noticing subtle details inspired by—but, importantly, not in—the original game, the thought occurred to me: What if the remake went boldly off-road somehow, story-wise, instead of giving us a prettier regurgitation of an experience so pored over and ingrained in gaming’s collective unconscious that it still routinely places first on annual most-wanted remake lists?

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ThichQuangDuck1272d ago

If people want FFVII why not buy the game that came out 2017? If they want FFVII with good graphics then watch the cutscenes. I don't understand not updating the gameplay mechanics some

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ShinMaster1272d ago

There will 2 types of haters when this game comes out.

The ones that don't think the game was re-imagined enough.

And the ones that think it was changed too much.

I'm just glad it's happening at all.

averagejoe261272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Couldn't agree more. Fans should be happy to dive into the world of VII again. It's my favorite game of all time and I'm open to change. I cannot wait to experience Shinra, Avalanche, Midgar, Cosmo Canyon, Golden Saucer etc all over again, even if re-imagined.

Thank you Square for taking this on. What once was a pipe dream and an now a dream come true.

TwilightSparkle1272d ago

I personally hope it has a advent children ty in

pasta_spice1272d ago

"How much more gripping would the game be if some of its most memorable (and hence anticlimactically predictable) moments weren’t carved in stone?"

WTF? Why would you want to see the game's memorable moments to be changed? If you want a story that isn't predictable, then play a new game. Don't play a remake and then complain when the story is the same as the game that's being remade!

Tiqila1272d ago

I think the author meant that SE could add additional story paths that depend on players decisions (like in the witcher). The original most memorable moments could all stay in the game.

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