'Halo 5' doesn't have split-screen, but 'never say never'

Microsoft doesn't have any plans to launch Halo 5 with split-screen, but in a world of constantly updating consoles and streams of downloadable content, there's a sliver of hope for couch co-op fans, according to Microsoft General Manager of Games Publishing Shannon Loftis.

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-Foxtrot1274d ago

Never say never? Then why not just add it in.

Rookie_Monster1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Funny you said that. Didn't Killzone SF also didn't have Co op split screen when it was released but was added later with a DLC patch? So why wasn't it added at the beginning for that game if it is so easy like you say.

MS already explain that maintaining 60fps is their priority with drop in drop out co op of up to 4 players and split screen just wouldn't work at this point. They could find a solution later and make it work just like BC of X360 games.

Edit below:
I am not crapping another game, I am just using it as an example that adding in a split screen co op mode is possible later on, it just so happen that that is the only game I could think of that added a split screen co op mode later. Chill out man. LOL

Sora_19941274d ago

I dont understand this mentality of gamers o my game of choice doesn't have this feature lets crap on another game that doesnt? like what?! he didnt say anything about killzone all he said was y not add it at launch like come on guys

KUV19771274d ago

Killzone SF has SplitScreen Coop now? That.Is.Awesome! Never knew that. Do the devs know?

sephiroth4201274d ago

no way i didnt know killzone has splitscreen, time to go over to my mates and try it out lol, splitscreen should be brought back for alot of games and added to alot of games, especially splitscreen online play.

B_Dawg1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Ehh I just checked and Killzone Shadowfall does NOT HAVE SPLITSCREEN. Online co-op was added a year ago but no local co-op/splitscreen.

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Septic1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Read the article:

"The priority feature for the release of Halo 5 was 60FPS, so that's what the team has been focused on delivering. But, you know, never say never. The glorious thing about Halo and about Xbox is that we can deliver continuous improvements to any experience"

It's not as easy as saying: "Hey Bob, can you get the game running on 60fps please. Oh yeah and throw in some split screen as well."

They are prioritising FPS over split screen for this (and quite rightly so). If they can manage to get split screen to work with it then they will do so.

Clown_Syndr0me1274d ago

It is a sad day when fps is more important tHan gameplay, and for me splitscreen is what made Halo.
Won't bother with this one until is included. I wish Devs would stop releasing games with content that was included in previous games missing.
I see it now...Halo 5 splitscreen DLC only £9.99!

Septic1274d ago

"It is a sad day when fps is more important tHan gameplay, and for me splitscreen is what made Halo."

But FPS is intrinsic to gameplay. How smoothly the game runs is of paramount importance, especially when MP is concerned.

"I see it now...Halo 5 splitscreen DLC only £9.99!"

You say this about a company that has confirmed all DLC to be free for Halo 5?

mhunterjr1274d ago


FPS is part of gameplay... It's especially important in a first person shooter... In this day and age having a first person shooter running at 30FPS is blasphemy... On the other hand, gamers have been coping without couch co-op in shooters for nearly an entire generation. most shooters have ditched that concept...

I understand you won't buy halo unless it has split screen co-op. But I'm curious how many other games in your collection also lack the feature...

LonDonE1274d ago

Exactly plus i am sure they have ways to monitor how many people use the split screen and how often.

Maybe its a small amount of gamers?
Also i commend them for making 60fps a priority!
It makes a massive difference.

But i also think a locked 30fps frame rate with the single player would of allowed them to push graphics even more.
Playing Halo MCC at 1080p 60fps is incredible!
and i can never go back to the 360s versions.

Iam just getting tired of all b.S people keep giving 343, no matter what they do people complain, GET OVER IT babies!!!

BiggerBoss1274d ago


So did the past Halo games suck just because they were 30fps?

Dont get me wrong, im glad theyre prioritizing 60 fps. But personally, id be fine if they drop it to 30 while in splitscreen. Why cant they do that?

vega2751274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )


Let be honest here shall we. You were never going to buy halo weather it had split-screen or not. Most FPS games haven't had the feature since last gen and very rarely does any have it now on either console. Stop the BS.

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Team_Litt1274d ago

DriveClub and weather? Because there is stuff they are still getting done.

Mega241274d ago

Split-screen is what made Halo... Halo. Spending weekends with 3 friends playing Slayer online, having lan parties, with multiple friends on just 2 xboxes, funniest and greatest times were made.

That's why people are reacting like this, only blind fanboys will say okay to the removal of a feature like that.

mhunterjr1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

They removed spit screen co-op only . You can still do the competitive MP with friends...

Palitera1274d ago

Agreed. This made sure that I won't buy the game.

It actually means that they are prioritizing GRAPHICS over gameplay and features; If they didn't spend so many resources on it, it would be possible to KEEP having 60fps and split screen.

But no, graphics are the one thing they cannot lower down. Everything else isn't.

vikingland11274d ago

I hate split screen because I don't want to share my screen. So there's that, not because I'm a blind fanboy.

Gamer7771274d ago

Maybe they are testing split screen performance?

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Zero1091274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

They need to implement it (it may be added in later though but at launch would be better). Even if the campaign is reduced to 30 fps, it's playing with the other person beside you that really matters. I'm sure everyone would rather have that alternative than to not have local co-op at all.

Neonridr1274d ago

I loved playing the original Halo with my buddy in split screen.

spicelicka1274d ago

Yea they could just make it 30fps specifically for split-screen, even lower the resolution for split-screen i don't care. I get it's easier said than done, but it would make sense if they can manage.

Toiletsteak1274d ago

I am actually shocked that spit screen is still a big deal.

ddkshah1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Yes it's a big deal!! Halo has always been big on that sitting on the couch with your friends game. Almost everyone I know who actually has friends usually exclusively play split screen multi-player. Do u even have friends, maybe boy/girlfriend? Then yes it is a big deal for people like me who do!!

poppinslops1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Yeah, I hate sharing a screen... you can't see properly and the blended audio can be confusing.

That said, it'd be cool if they could bring the system link back... the framerate wouldn't need to suffer for co-op/competitive play, and that triple-screen Forza 6 demo was amazing.

tuglu_pati1274d ago

I never used it in my life, but i can see how some people may be disappointed.

ArrowofAres1274d ago

I hate split screen anyway, in competitive mp anyway

poppinslops1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Back in the 90's I did a lot of 'cheating' on Goldeneye and Perfect Dark... it won me a lot of matches, but it wasn't as satisfying as hunting down an opponent by using sight, sound and good old-fashioned instinct.

ScorpiusX1274d ago

Hate couch co-op / hate splint screen beside hate having to lend controllers out would rather people stay home and Wreck their stuff . Best part of online play.

Allsystemgamer1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

So what you're saying have no friends and because you dont, everyone who does should suffer for it? Nice mentality.

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