E3 2015 – Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (first English gameplay)

Here is the first English gameplay video for the upcoming horror title, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.

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pasta_spice943d ago

Huh. It's interesting that they decided to keep the original Japanese language.

benji101943d ago

Makes sense. It is obviously in Japan.

ameliabaz943d ago

Looks great. It would be cool if we got a Halloween release date.

Dunban67943d ago

Is it def coming out in 2016 for NA?

Pozzle943d ago (Edited 943d ago )

Even better. It's coming out this year:

Dunban67942d ago

Awesome thanks- looks like a great game - most looking forward to it and Xenoblade for wii u

DualWielding943d ago

this is one of the few games that has me considering to buy a Wii U but the gamepad gimmicks scare me off... is it mandatory to use the gamepad as the camera obscura or can you play normally like in previous games

leemass24942d ago

yeah she mentions in the video that you can use the sticks like more traditionally but she prefers the motion control because its like holding her phone ( she says something like that anyway) .

jcnba28942d ago (Edited 942d ago )

The gamepad controls are optional you can still use analogue.