Shenmue 3 additional funding sources already secured, confirms Ys Net

Shenmue 3 will be funded by both Kickstarter and money from outside investors, developer Ys Net has confirmed.

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Angainor71249d ago

If it's a dream, PLEASE don't wake me up!!! So happy and excited!!

FullmetalRoyale1248d ago

Blue pill for me as well, man!
A part of me is still in disbelief.

Angainor71248d ago

Yeah man it's crazy!!! We will play it in a couple of years!

tinynuggins1249d ago

Holiday 2018 here we come!

Moe-Gunz1248d ago

I was close to crying at the reveal. Had to do the macho thing and claim something was in my eye.

So happy to see this come true.

dyolF1248d ago

I need Shenmue I & II remasters to replay them before this, I sold my Dreamcast long ago...

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