Yakuza 5 North American Release Pushed To Fall 2015

Lost in the crush of pre and current E3 2015 news, SEGA quietly updated their Yakuza 5 page to reflect a Fall 2015 release window. Most European and North American fans of the series were optimistic that the reveal and nearby release would occur at the big conference, and perhaps even be accompanied by a Yakuza 0 announcement. For them, this is quite disappointing. No reason or official announcement explained the delay, from their previous Summer 2015 window.

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Geobros1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

From summer 2015 to Fall, great! Why they don't make a PS4 version? Whats the point to release to PS3?

Without compatibility plans by sony the PS4 players will never play that.

ThePsychoGamer1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Well, there is PS Now, in fact, the announcement of the Uncharted collection made some Yakuza fans think that Sony was going to use Yakuza 5 as a means to push PS Now at E3 (with some of the more optimistic hoping they would use that to lead into a Yakuza 0 PS4 announcement.)

showtimefolks1274d ago

Day one like all yakuza games, please please buy this game when it comes out, because if we don't than maybe this is the last yakuza game for the west

So don't wait, if you are interested than buy the game

_-EDMIX-_1274d ago

"Without compatibility plans by sony the PS4 players will never play that"

.....what does this have to do with PS4 players? This is a PS3 game, if you played Yakuza series on PS3...I would assume you have a PS3. What was promised was NEVER a PS4 port, what was promised was Yakuza 5 coming through PSN and being localized. To not play this game because you own a PS4 makes no sense.

80 million own PS3's, they will be just fine. If you want this game, get a PS3. You talking about a little over $120 used online and even cheaper for the older models.

Once again, what was being done was a localization of the Japanese version NOT A PORT, they never stated anything like that and already have a PS4 Yakuza. As a Yakuza fan, I'm getting it day 1 as I own the series on PS2 and PS3 and kept my systems to clearly still play them, so this title has value to me. It not being on PS4 means nothing to me, I'm currently playing Yakuza 3 and 4 on PS3 right now...

DragonDDark1274d ago

I really wanted this to come for the ps4 but oh well. At least we are getting it.

Dravidian1274d ago

I personally dont care if it came to ps4 or not. I just want it to come out. I just need a release date.

This is such a good series. Funilly enough, I got into the series because the combat and story depth reminded me of Shenmue, and I thought I'd never get Shenmue III....

But dreams can come true

DragonDDark1274d ago

I completely agree. Yakuza was like the shinmue on the ps2

Melankolis1274d ago

Even if it comes out for Xbox One, i'll buy one for Yakuza 5...that's how much i love this series....

Glad it's still for PS3..

DragonDDark1273d ago

Same here. I played all the Yakuza games and I can't miss anything from the series.

Chaos_Raiden1274d ago

The fact it is going to be released made it awesome. Will definitely get this game upon release.

Rookie_Monster1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Wouldn't it be nice if there is BC since the PS4 version isn't coming. I sold my PS3 a year ago. :/

Melankolis1274d ago

That's completely your fault. Deep inside my heart i never gave hope on west localization of Yakuza 5...and it pays off...

Buy PS3 again, play, and sell it again..

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