The Star Wars Battlefront E3 Gameplay Surprised Me

My first thought - graphically - was simply "wow," but my pessimistic side thought "that can't be ACTUAL gameplay, it looks just like the "in-engine" footage previously released.” Basically unbelievably gorgeous! However this time the gameplay footage started with the note of ‘The following is actual multiplayer gameplay footage captured from a Playstation 4.’ So it's actual gameplay!

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Toiletsteak943d ago

I hope it actually looks like that at release and doesn't get downgraded.

scark92943d ago

Yeah it looked good! I loved what was shown, I just hope it has more of the Battefront formula rather than the modern Battlefield formula

starchild943d ago

Being only a few months away from release it's highly unlikely it will be downgraded. The games we've seen get downgraded were downgraded fairly early on in the development process. The devs initially aim too high and then realize they're going to have to pare back some elements to get satisfactory performance on the target platforms, but this usually happens in the earlier stages of development. I highly doubt this game will be downgraded in the final 5 months.

In any case, this game had by far the most impressive graphics of any game shown at E3, in my opinion. Especially the Tatooine and Endor levels.

NiteX943d ago

Weren't there games downgraded even after they had been released with a patch? I'm thinking GTAV was one.

ssj27942d ago (Edited 942d ago )

I actually try the game yesterday the co op split screen on the PS4.

If the co op split screen look that good! And is already playable on the PS4 running well at 60fps why will they even downgrade it? You make no sense.

The only thing i didn't like was the heavy auto aim. I definitely think is stupid to add auto aim in a competitive fps. But the game plays smooth and looks smoth clean.

I didn't try the regular multiplayer. . Witch i hope and think it should look even better. . Because split screen usually makes any game look a little worse.

Toiletsteak942d ago

What they let you play is a demo not the full version, they still have 5 months until the game is released so they could downgrade it.

ssj27942d ago

The game. Was already running at smooth 60fps on the PS4 ( if they were using pcs yes I may think that the PS4 may suffer a downgrade but thats not the case) and is about to come out.. dice do not do downgrade like this. I remember playing MOH multiplayer made by themself on e3. And the game did not got a downgrade.

Simco876942d ago

Game looks sweet, but with all the others out this year. Takes a huge backseat. Getting old sucks.

Dfooster942d ago

graphics don't equate to content. Ok you may have to hold back on all the bells and whistles but if you can get the engine displaying all that detail in multiplayer you can do a single player campaign. The reason they haven't is down to laziness or concentrating on the multiplayer aspect.

WizzroSupreme942d ago (Edited 942d ago )

IT sure does look like it could be the best Star Wars game in the last decade, let alone the best Battlefront. If it weren't EA publishing this game, I'd have even more hope for it. As long as it has a smooth launch and some solid reviews, I'm picking this up.

Relientk77942d ago

The gameplay of this looked really good

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