Gamedaily: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Preview

Gamedaily writes: "Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is one of the most enjoyable puzzle games to hit Xbox Live Arcade, with its mixture of classic Bejeweled-style puzzle play and role-playing spells. Come early next year, however, it'll make room for the future-themed Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. We got an early look at the game and think it's out of this world.

Rather than take place in the past (like Challenge of the Warlords), Galactrix's events unfold thousands of years in the future. Starships fly through space, transporting precious cargo and making its crews a whole lot of money. Opposing them are numerous aliens that seek to ruin their lives. In addition, pilots and diplomacy may also play a factor in the game's Story mode, although D3 Publisher didn't spill the beans when we asked."

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