Will the PS4 Get a Kingdom Hearts Remastered Series?

IGN: Now that Kingdom Hearts 3 has officially been announced, we discuss the possibilities of Square Enix releasing a Kingdom Hearts remastered series for the Playstation 4.

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TLG19911249d ago

I've never played KH so i wouldn't turn my nose up, especially from what i hear about it.

Inzo1248d ago

And what did you hear about it?

TLG19911248d ago

that they are very good, with a very good story.

mikeslemonade1248d ago

Meh it doesn't need it. Especially when Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn't look that great.

Neonridr1249d ago

I would love to have parts 1 and 2 repackaged in a remaster to get me ready for KH3.

-Foxtrot1249d ago

This is why I kind of stopped playing the HD collection on my PS3

It's probably going to happen soon.

Hopefully they'll add Dream Drop Distance to the collection.

miyamoto1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Same here
we all know how SEnix rolls

rezzah1248d ago

A great way for SE to make more money, I'll buy it if it releases together at once and not separately.

xfiles20991249d ago

it would be cool not sure how well it would do on Xbone not the type of game Xbox caters to but you never know.

_-EDMIX-_1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Agreed, but Square just doesn't have the money to keep porting to a system that is also doing really poorly in Japan and in the west doesn't really do well with JRPGs. They are already starting to only make games on PS systems it seems and I don't think they will bring a large number of titles to XONE, in terms of JRPGs anyway. I feel KH has a lot of action and could do well on the platform, but if that was the case, we would have seen the KH collection on 360 anyway if they felt they wanted it there.

With a World Of FF coming only to PS, Star Ocean 5, Nier and FFVII for the time being, I don't really see them porting KH to XONE as I don't see Square spending the money on the port as they are not even doing all their games on XONE as of right now.

mind you, I feel they should as if they want KH3 to do well on XONE, they should ask for MS to pay for the port as it would be like 1 or 2 million and would help get KH3 on the system generating some interest.

DualWielding1248d ago

I was surprised neither this or Kingdom Hearts 3D HD remix were announced at the Square-Enix conference

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The story is too old to be commented.