Dear Nintendo, Sorry - You've Lost Another Fan

GamersFTW writes: "For a while now, I have been stoically overlooking Nintendo's many flaws because of the quality of games that they create. But whilst Sony and Microsoft filled their E3 press conferences with unexpected upheavals, Nintendo were satisfied to re-tread the same old ground to such an extent that they must have formed a new type of rock by now. For me, it was the straw that broke the camel's back."

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JoGam1251d ago

Next year is Niniendo year.

Septic1251d ago

Well actually it might be with Zelda but we need more. MORE!

N4g_null1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

It's weird how people want the wiiu to die so bad. It's pretty obvious these are circle jerk click bait articles. No I'm not reading it. You've lost another fan means you never where one. Xenolade and splatoon are great now. Zelda is still coming also.

It's very interesting how people trying to act like fans are giving such bad advice and getting mad when nintendo doesn't follow it.

Sure they don't have anything you like that is fine but being a drama queen nullify your opinion because now you just sound like the hate train that will piggyback your article.

Your title is supposed to alarm us fans and make us pleed with you to come back buuuawwwaaaah ha haha yeah nooooooo.

Nintendo was obviously catering to the animal crossing crowd which shiggy loves. Those guys are less demanding.

You have to understand metroid is a burden from another famously forgotten creator at nintendo. They guy who created the gameboy! Starfox wasn't really all shiggy ethier. Which is why the presentation is off. I like some of the game play ideas but the art just isn't as creative.

I'll ask here again... why does fast racing outclassed starfox? Some one needed to say early look... and beta... or game play demo then show some target art.

I'm sorry no one cares about your feelings we want to talk about how our game can be fixed... this is what real fans do. Not go on the Internet to act emo hardcover gamerish to get hits. This goes to the author of this piece but jogam is right. Next year will be fine. There are some easy fixes here for starfox and the metroid game could use better art also.

_-EDMIX-_1251d ago

"Nintendo was obviously catering to the animal crossing crowd which shiggy loves. Those guys are less demanding"

...nope. I love Animal Crossing, I own the GC one, Wild World on the DS, City Folk on the Wii and New Leaf on the, dear god no its not.

The Wii U Animal Crossing is a party game and the 3DS version is some house maker junk. Its not the core concept, thus I don't care. Its like giving the name of a game to another IP and some how they should care, ie lets make Halo into a card game and Halo fans would LOVE IT, because its HALO! As if THAT is the SOLE REASON for its purpose.

Same goes with Metroid, its Metroid by NAME ALONE, its a damn fps party game, its not Metroid in the slightest. I feel they are just making anything and slapping on any IP's name that they feel sorta fits it regardless of genre.

I love Starfox, but seriously, are they just telling us no one at Nintendo can make a Starfox game to where they have to OUTSOURCE IT? Love Platinum, but it worries me deeply that they seem to need to outsource a lot of work to other studios...again....playing it safe.

N4g_null1251d ago

Great points. The games did seem like rip offs of the originals. This direct just felt like it was not for my tastes. I'm not really an animal crossing fan. Cool concept but obviously some one dropped the ball. The metroid really is the bastard child no one wants.

Yet I don't see you overreacting. I remember feeling the same way when the ngc version of mk came out.

I really think nintendo needs to just make new iP only going forward. Reusing old ip with the wrong talent and ideas is degrading the concept of the originals.

ritsuka6661251d ago

''Nintendo have given up with the Wii U and will hold fire with their big guns until the release of their next hardware''

Ummmm.....people...the Wii U was dead in the water by mid 2013. I kept telling you that but I just got flamed for "trolling" here in N4G.

uth111251d ago

It was obvious. I had a Wii, but couldn't bring myself buy a Wii U because it looked like a dead end after it's first holiday. Moved to PS4 instead.

Big_Game_Hunters1251d ago

The fact that Wiiu had great exclusives and support in 2014 proves you are a troll.

deafdani1251d ago

Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros U, Lego City Undercover, Zombi U, Kirby's Rainbow Curse, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, Pikmin 3, New Super Luigi U, Zelda Wind Waker HD, Splatoon, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Hyrule Warriors...

For a console "dead in the water", it sure has a lot of good exclusive games. And there's still Yoshi's Woolly World, Star Fox, Super Mario Maker and especially Xenoblade Chronicles X coming out before this year's end.

Yeah, Nintendo's presentation at this E3 was TERRIBLE, and nobody in their right mind would deny it, but that doesn't cancel out the awesome library the Wii U already got under its belt, plus the few good games still coming out this year.

Reeze1251d ago

I'm very disappointed in them this E3, but I'm still a fan. I think they're saving a lot of big titles for the launch of the NX, which would explain why the Direct was so bare. As an early adopter of the Wii U and a longtime supporter of it, this does kind of make me unhappy, but I suppose it's time to move on to something that can make them money.

wonderfulmonkeyman1251d ago

Dear fan: sorry your disappointment over one Direct will force you to miss out on Star Fox, Devil's Third, and many other great exclusives.
Hope you come back around eventually, see ya.

Yukes1251d ago

With all due respect, I think you misunderstood wonderfulmonkeyman, or didn't read the article.
I will get around to picking up Nintendo's exclusives eventually because I love most of their games, but I can't get excited about Nintendo themselves as an entity anymore. It's far more than their one weak presentation; as I said, that was just the straw the broke the camel's back.

Bimkoblerutso1251d ago

I agree. If it wasn't clear before, it is abundantly clear now that they are completely out of touch with the industry...and not in the good "we follow our own path" kind of way anymore.

They're kind of the like the old, hopelessly set-in-his-ways old man that still scowls when he sees interracial couples.

Concertoine1251d ago

I can sympathize. I've always been in the middle on this site, i dont hate Nintendo but i dont think they are making good decisions either. In the end i could always come back and enjoy their games on the Wii U, but this E3 really hurt my enthusiasm for the platform.

Going on Miiverse and seeing the amount of people calling me "not a nintendo fan" for calling them out on the worst E3 since 2008, depresses me even more.

I'll give them some time to make it up, but im not holding my breath. I have a feeling they didnt show anything because there's nothing to show.

ZAF1251d ago

-1 fan here aswell, what a big disappointment this was, i have my console for 1 year and they are already abandoning it for a new one, shame on Nintendo, there probably gonna release Zelda as cross plataform between the new console and Wii U.

I'm going Playstation.

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