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"Ubisoft has given a firm release date for Tom Clancy's The Division: March 8, 2016. Yup, you'll be able to play this MMO shooter RPG hybrid thingy early next year on PS4, Xbox One or PC. Your choice. Additionally, those who play on Xbox will get exclusive access to the game's Beta in December 2015. Yup - that's the end of this year. Better start packing your virtual bug-out bag."

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DragonDDark1247d ago

why? I hate how they add these features.
A guy works hard on getting something but then someone steel it from me easily.
Seems dumb to me.

ox_ADRlAN_xo1247d ago

You just better trust who you play with is all. I think it's a cool feature and fits the story well.. It's about survival and people will do anything possible to survive. It's not like they aren't punished for it though. If they become a "rogue agent" then other people get more points for killing them

DragonDDark1247d ago

It is but jealousy in these kind of games increases highly. I tust my friends but i have doubts sometimes because of these kind of games.

ThunderPulse1247d ago

Luckily I trust a few of my PSN friends to not shoot me.

DragonDDark1247d ago

I have friends that I trust too but you never know really.

n4rc1247d ago

ever play GTA-O? lol

if you allow players to kill each other, thats what will happen 99% of the time..

dont trust randoms, shoot first... they got what was coming to them for trusting strangers in the apocalypse lol

medman1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Yes, the only way a feature like this can work is if the player who betrays gets marked, and you or a group can see them on a map wherever they go, and you can plot your revenge accordingly, whenever and wherever you would choose....if that's not how it's going to work, it's just pointless griefing that will only serve to anger gamers and make playing with others pointless.

ox_ADRlAN_xo1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

That's exactly how it works actually.. It's only in dark zones too so if you don't want to take the risk of getting better loot then you aren't required to go in that zone. High risk but high reward, have your buddies with you

starrman19851247d ago

I love and hate this! There's little to no chance of two groups meeting in the dark zone and not immediately killing each other haha - still can't wait to try the beta though!

wakeNbake1247d ago

Lets hope the chat is proximity based or we will have alot of misunderstandings.

HmongAmerican1247d ago

Exactly, i lost all interest in the game when they said pvp. I hope there is option for turning off pvp. Otherwise I will pass.

Skate-AK1247d ago

Use to hate that on Kane and Lynch. Spent the whole level playing as a team, only to be betryed by some douche bag at the end while he take everyone's money.

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Tdmd1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I don't think that is a good idea. There's a lot of d***s out there. It will only make for paranoia and frustration without really adding anything positive to the experience.

bananaboats1247d ago

truly agree with you, but this is one more reason to play with close friends

Tdmd1247d ago

My close friends don't have a PS4 so I'm screwed. #foreveralone

gamer91247d ago

Okay now I’m worried about this game. More scripted gameplay? It’s like they are afraid to show us what the game really plays like.

dreamed1247d ago

The worst bit of endwar all over again..wankers everywhere

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