E3 2015: Why Nintendo Didn’t Show Zelda Wii U

In an interview with IGN, Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime was asked about the company's decision to not show Zelda Wii U at E3 2015.

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ritsuka6661279d ago

Probally moved to NX console..

Yi-Long1279d ago

Yep, I expect a 'Twilight Princes', as in a cross-gen release, both on WiiU as well as a better version as a release-title for NX.

And I'm perfectly fine with that. The game looked amazing, but Nintendo needs to come out with a console that will actually sell and be a big hit so it gets proper 3rd party support, and a guaranteed system-seller like a gorgeous cell-shaded Zelda releasing on it's launch-date would certainly help doing so...

freshslicepizza1279d ago

xenoblade chronicles x was first shown in 2013, nintendo knew it was not going to come out that year. once again nintendo just doesn't care what people think

BosSSyndrome1279d ago

Twilight princess was better on gamecube imo.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1279d ago

Zelda Wii U was in development 2011
Twilight Princess was in development 2003.

Same situation does not apply.

deafdani1279d ago

I don't understand your point. Twilight Princess was in development 3 years before its release... Zelda Wii U was in development 4 years before its supposed initial release, but it got delayed one further year.

What's the big difference here?

smashman981279d ago

anybody who doesnt think that the new zelda is also coming to the nx clearly doesn't know how badly nintendo needs this thing to succeed.

lemoncake1279d ago

Seems like this is the most likely scenario, it is a great game to launch a new console with. If we do get the wii u replaced with the nx lets hope they get the console hardware right this time.

KaladinStormblessed1279d ago

You do know Miyamoto confirmed that it's coming to WiiU right? Though it is possible they'll pull a Twilight Princess. Well Zelda is no longer a system seller for WiiU, by the time it comes out NX will be on its way and they'll be little reason to buy a WiiU. NX better be the most powerful console when it releases and have a traditional controller, just use the pro controller Nintendo, and add some analog triggers. Gamepad is fine in my opinion but would probably make it cost too much. Innovate with software not hardware.

And yes, stop gearing everything towards little kids. Nintendo's games are fine, you don't need blood and gore to be a game for more mature people. But when Nintendo advertise them (which is quite rare) their ads are clearly aimed at 8 year olds, and is not doing them any favors.

pcz1279d ago

because they only showed it last time to trick people into buying wiius.

why could they not have shown some more of the game? at least it would keep peoples interest and give the message its still very much happening.

the way they didnt show it at all is odd. nintendo are bizarre.

the game has to be for nx. in fact i would say its a dead cert its for nx. they will wait until next e3 to push the title for the nx, giving people a major reason to buy the nx.

lets be honest- the wiiu is dead and buried now

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Munnkyman1279d ago

Lol a negative effect to show a game people want. Man you guys are so out of touch right now it's dishearting

fitfox1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

glad i sold my wii u and got a ps4

NiteX1279d ago

Why wouldn't you just keep it and buy a PS4?

N4g_null1279d ago

I'm glad I didn't buy a ps4 so I can get the nx. Ps4 now is a joke.

Segata1279d ago

I have both because I'm not so fickle. Both offer great stuff.

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XXXL1279d ago

This is one of the dumbest excuses I've ever heard. Only Nintendo.

MWH1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I will tell you a little story obvious to the keen eye.

Nintendo almost always had the most powerful console of its generation and was the oasis of some of the biggest games of all time in almost every genre and all ages.

suddenly, after the Gamcube, which was the strongest console of its time technologically (before Xbox), things in Nintendo changed.

in some dark room inside Nintendo headquarter the decision was made on that day onward the company will target kids as its main adopter. kids like colorful images, simple controls and interactivity, they don't care about visual fidelity and this is why they exited the technology race and focused on innovative controls and in house gaming instead. thus, the Wii was made and then the WiiU on the same footstep.

that's simply it. Nintendo's main audience are kids and they know families will buy a Nintendo for their kids because, it's for kids. it's a conception that Nintendo saved no effort to advertise and successfully so.

and now, Nintendo is running out of ideas faster than the next generation of diapers and it's falling behind the competition.

what do do? I don't care. I was once a Nintendo fan but they decided I became too old for them so I decided i'm too good to have a Nintendo in my house again.

yep, i'm angry, just a little bit.

Sokol1279d ago

Well said, hopefully NX brings some of that technological progress in today competition.

rawrock1279d ago

Xbox came out 3 days before GC in America. So GC was never the most powerful...

higgins781279d ago

"Most powerful" or not, it's end product which counts, nothing else. The Gamecube gave us (for example) Prime, Resident Evil 4 and Wind Waker, some of the best looking and performing (in equal measure) games of that generation. Microsoft did too - with the Xbox, but games so radically different (visually) that to compare comes down to lab analysis.

NiteX1279d ago

Nintendo has always targeted kids. The Wii was meant to target everyone, the young and the old. What you just spouted was goofy nonsense.

higgins781279d ago

Also, don't try telling me owners of either PS4 or XB1 aren't 'kids'. We are talking videogames here, not high culture - by any stretch of the imagination.

The whole Nintendo e3 thing (for me) is becoming wildly disproportionate. Yes, Nintendo didn't 'own' e3, but on the other hand it gave us New information on Mario Maker, Wooly World and Star Fox - actual tangible information rather than just name dropping. I for one own a Wii U and can't for the life of me say I've been disappointed with its output. A neat console, good price, quality selection of games, a breath of fresh air.

N4g_null1279d ago

I'm with you Higgins the trolls are using critical feedback as away to bring down the wiiu. The only people still not getting a wiiu are sheep. Well that is their problem. We are on a pro sony site sooooooo.

ChickeyCantor1279d ago

"in some dark room inside Nintendo headquarter the decision was made on that day onward the company will target kids as its main adopter. kids like colorful images, simple controls and interactivity,"

Super mario was such a gore fest. Goddamn I loved Nintendo when they were having musical themes about the devil in their games.

Dunban671279d ago

Now they even blew the kids demographic by being the only console that does not have Minecraft- By far more young kids today have more interest in Minecraft than Mario- Nearly every darn console, smartphone, e reader etc has Minecraft But Nintendo could not get a deal done w them- that says alot

Segata1279d ago

Sega Master System more powerful than NES.

1279d ago
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