Sony confident in 2016 release window for The Last Guardian

Has a "good amount of confidence" in the 2016 release window.

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TLG19911274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Don't start this shit!!

ShugaCane1274d ago


"So we have a good amount of confidence in terms of this window for next year"


"Sony isn't 100% sure The Last Guardian will release next year".

Hits, hits, hits.

TheRedButterfly1274d ago

Well, it's reasonable to assume that this time won't be much different from the last half-dozen times. Can't fault them for erring on the side of caution.

I_am_Batman1274d ago

Lol. The headline just changed.

ShugaCane1274d ago

But the title of the article remains the same so I don't see why the one who submitted this changed the headline...

DarkOcelet1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

This article is useless.

Dont bother folks, nothing new here.

"So we have a good amount of confidence in terms of this window for next year."

It has a release window next year. And they said they are pretty confident so its most likely Q3/Q4 next year.

TwoForce1274d ago

Oh my god, really ? Shuhei Yoshida did said the Last Guardian will be out in 2016. I believe they do. And you journalist are worry about it. What a BS is that ?

Blasphemy1274d ago

well the game hasnt been upgraded for ps4 at all and they showed gameplay from the same 6 year old ps3 demo which is reason for concern.

Summons751274d ago

No it's not. That means not much has changed which is a good thing. I was really worried when it went silent and we heard reports of Santa Monica sending people over to help. I was expecting that when they did show it again it would look nothing like the original reveal. I'm sure it has been upgraded technically to run smoother but Team TCO knows very well the gameplay is more important than graphics. It looks great as is but it going to play beautifully. Hope they do a demo during the holiday's or announce one at the GOTY'S to let people see how it will play and what to expect with a spring release date.

TwoForce1274d ago

Well yes, I know. But the thing is, Shuhei Yoshida and Former Team ICO ( Gen design ) are able to do this on PS4 easily. Graphic doesn't matter. It's still look great and the art style look great, too.

BABY-JEDI1273d ago

There is a lot going on concerning the games material physics which are pretty advanced & the characters AI which has been to my understanding pretty challenging to get right. There is a lot more to games than graphics. Saying that. The graphic style of TLG is excellent IMO, & I can see the lighting being further developed.

phoenix_dusk1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

All these paid hacks coming out.

Sony says "PS4 has spread out exclusive game releases for the whole year".

and becomes...

Sony has no games for the holidays. Sell your PS4s to ebay!


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The story is too old to be commented.