E3 absentees: Where on Earth were God of War 4, Retro Studios and Hideo Kojima?

Now that E3 2015 has opened its doors in Los Angeles and the madness of those nine press conferences has concluded for another year, the video game industry is left to digest the mountainous feast of news which has been presented to us.

Despite all the games seen - those we expected like Fallout 4 and those we did not like The Last Guardian - we want to focus here on what we didn't see. The studios who teased appearances but never showed up, the developers who didn't bless us with their presence and the games that never saw the light of a Microsoft or Sony stage.

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Geobros1252d ago

Where was Retro Studios? This is the second E3 we dont hear news from company. It wasn't next year neither and I am not sure about 2013 E3.

Neonridr1250d ago

We saw them at E3 2013 because they were showcasing Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. That game released in February of 2014, so it's understandable why we didn't see anything from them at last year's E3 since they would have probably taken a bit of time off. But now they have been at work for over a year on their next project, so it would have been nice to be given a tease at what they were working on since you would assume that it may release next year.. unless they are holding back for the NX.

NukaCola1250d ago

Retro will be at E3 2016 with their NX title, and I assume it will be a new Metroid which is excited.

Hideo is doing his own thing, but his name was all over the trailers so I am confused what is really going on with him and the Konami.

I wonder if Santa Monica is going to showcase gamescom...hmmm

1250d ago
DarkOcelet1252d ago

MGSV was the best trailer seen at E3 yet its awesome maker is not there. So sad, but i hope he is proud because that trailer was mindblowing.

Ah Kojima, You're Pretty Good!

Gatsu1250d ago

Yeah it was sad ;(, but he wants to spend every minute polishing the masterpiece :).

Best trailer ever.

CEOSteveBallmer1250d ago

in ocelots voice: " Pretty Good"!! then faints.

FarEastOrient1250d ago

Well Sony still has Paris Week, TGS, and the Playstation experience. There's a list of companies that didn't show up.

InTheLab1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Disappointed in no GoW. It was on everyone's list of why I shouldn't be concerned over Sony's lineup of games. I guess I fell for the hype of the magical copy and paste list of uncomfirmed games thrown about every E3.

Even though I knew about it, it was still stupid of MS to not show any progress with the new Crackdown and Scalebound. More so with Crackdown based on how they almost ruined the franchise with C2, it would have been nice to see at least a trailer.
As for Nintendo...I guess I expected more fight out of them. You're not winning over anyone with those games. Despite how much I criticize Nintendo, there's still games if like to see make it to the wiiu. So the absence of a proper Metroid was almost as disappointing as the Metroids we did get.

Ceaser98573611250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

We should get a sneak peak of GOW 4 during PSX hopefully. And yes! I was wondering the same as to why MGSV and Until dawn and also Mad max wasn't shown on the stage since they would be out later this year. Wondering when is the Paris game show...

Neonridr1250d ago

yeah I mean doesn't Until Dawn come out in August or something?

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