Need for Speed lets you drive how you want, and future NFS games probably will too


"Creating a new Need for Speed game presents an interesting challenge in that the franchise has never really been just one thing. Across 21 years and 22 games, Need for Speed has covered a lot of mileage, appealing to different kinds of gamers with different kinds of racing. The high-speed, arcade antics of Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit are barely even comparable to the more simulation-centered Need for Speed: Shift, for example."

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curtis92947d ago

One thing is for sure... it looks pretty. And with Underground-esque customization, it's going to have some legs. I'm excited.


Is this game "Open World" or tracks? Thanks

GT67947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Rather have old school style tracks than open world genre, alldrive,autolog, always online crap.

Iceball2000947d ago

I hope you can turn off that stupid camera slide and also hope the physics aren't horrible like the last couple of games the had. For me the driving physics can make or brake a racing game. Look at Test Drive, I think it's a better game then Forza Horizon but the driving physics are just so bad that I stopped playing after an hour. I tried getting back into it but just couldn't

brandonb21947d ago

Need for speed devloper has said on twitter that camera is optional and you can choose a fixed camera if you want

assassin2k947d ago

Always online has me cautious to the point that I'm almost not interested.

WizzroSupreme947d ago

Need for Speed still doesn't let me drive offline, though.

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