Shenmue Kickstarter Paving The Way For Video Game Revivals?

Could the success of Shenmue's crowd funding project kick start the revival of other lost gaming franchises?
GENWire takes a look at some games that fans would love to be made and how Kickstarter could help.

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kalkano1154d ago

I'd pay hundreds of dollars for a remake of Shining Force 3, or a Shining Force 4.

jamstorr861154d ago

I think there are many candidates for Kickstarter revivals

benji1011154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

The kickstarter is dying. It had a great first day but investment has stopped. Only 42 thousand people actually care about shenmue.

jamstorr861153d ago

dying? it has raised over 3 million dollars with 28 days to go. Sony has also pledged to invest in the game too.

Do you think that its only people who invest in kickstarter that eventually get the product? 46k people are willing to invest in its creation, many more will be willing to buy the game, if it is marketed correctly.