Fallout 4 Director: "Graphics Matter"

Fallout 4's graphics have been contentious since we saw the game's first trailer earlier this month. Now, the man in charge of the entire project has weighed in on the subject, stating that "graphics matter."

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

To a certain extent indeed. Gameplay must come first at all times or we are left with shallow games like The Order.

Witcher 3 stands as the example of a game with the right balance of visual fidelity and great gameplay depth and immersion.

But let's not forget there are games with different art styles that still provide great experiences without amazing graphics. The telltale games for example. I love walking dead and the wolf among us never once was I in awe of the visuals cause it's gameplay was simple but effective and its story telling was immersive which complimented it.

PrinterMan1273d ago

Completely disagree with part of your statement. The Order 1886 is not shallow at all. Great story and voice acting. Some may not like the gameplay mechanics (personally I think it's fine) but it is not a shallow game.

Conzul1273d ago

The Order did not live up to hype, but it's not anywhere near a "shallow" game. Fuck off.

aquaticDonut1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )


Gameplay matters. Story matters. A lack of technical issues matters.

Graphics do not. They're a shiny coating to help sell a product and nothing more.

Edit: That I'm getting disagrees only goes to show how shallow gamers have become. I guess all games prior to PS3 just suck to everyone because characters aren't composed of millions of polygons. smh.

Jovanian 1273d ago

Graphics impact immersion.

Immersion is important to a game like fallout where you are put into a post apocalyptic open world environment to explore.

To claim graphics don't matter to a game like this is just absurd.

aquaticDonut1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

To claim that graphics matter at all or that they affect immersion is nothing short of ridiculous. You know there are 5 other games in the franchise with progressively significantly worse graphics, right? Are they bad games because none of them use 2048x2048 shadows? Or use 8x MSAA. No, because that's freaking ridiculous. Games have been immersive for a VERY long time, long before we had today's graphical technology, and I'm gonna blow your mind, having better graphics has had absolutely no positive effects on new games. Fallout 4 is not going to be better because it uses physical rendering and volumetric lighting. It's going to be better because the gameplay is going to be better, and, possibly the story, it might even have less technical problems.

Mizikiel1273d ago

So you would be okey with games looking like old PS1 games then huh?

walken71273d ago

Go play Castlevania Symphony of the Night then get back to me.

aquaticDonut1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

YES! Why wouldn't I?! Do PS1 games suck to you because the characters aren't composed of millions of polygons? Are gamers really that shallow now?

AnotherProGamer1273d ago

Video games are a visual medium, you need graphics to show what is going on in the game

They do matter

Tundra1273d ago

Tell that to Uncharted 4, a game with unparalleled graphics and art style. The beauty of your game can really sell the environments or the atmosphere for the game. Graphical capabilities are there to accentuate the art style of the game. If the artist makes beautiful work, the post processing effects make it that much better.

So yes, they are important. That "shiny coat of paint" is one of many keys to immersing the player into the game's world.

kreate1272d ago

I agree.
Visuals are important yes. Otherwise why do we need a next gen every several years.

KilluaX31273d ago


Chaosdreams1273d ago

Every element of a game matters. If it didn't matter, we'd be playing text based games. Immersion is reflective of both story and art. Graphics are what showcase the art in its best and chosen way by the developers. Graphics also reflect around the story, giving it more tone and impact.

The degree of importance towards graphics varies depending on the experience being delivered. It also depends on the limitations of what can be done.

As the years pass, things evolve and sometimes falter. It's a constant testing of what works, what showcases art in its truest form.

Graphics matter.

goldwyncq1273d ago

Go back to playing the NES then.

Poroz1273d ago

Graphics/Gameplay matter to me :) story does not (I find it hard to care about fictional charecters). These are of course are my personal feelings of course. Put all the facts you want. You will not change my mind. I do know games are starting to look amazing and I am loving it.

Ark_1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Graphics do matter. The problem is when developers forget to make a good game, while polishing their graphics.
In the end, it's about a well balanced distribution of resources.

yellowgerbil1273d ago

almost every 3d game before ps3 DID suck. There are a few exceptions on PS2 (GoW) but the graphics and controls were not yet perfected and to me make a game that is no fun to play.
When I play old games I play the great 16bit games that were perfected, when I play 3d It is only now getting that polish to where it actually looks appropriate.
Graphics DO matter. Bleeding edge graphics do not.
The only reason I care about ff7 gettting remade is because I cannot get into a game where your arms are like Rayman's.

john4161273d ago

I agree with you. We've been suckered lately by a shiny outer shell (graphics) and a hollow core (lack luster story). Games are supposed to be about the story and being excited to play everyday because you cant wait to see what happens next not "OMFG XHXINOJIXNSNXSS LOOK AT THE DETAIL OF THAT COFFEE CUP!!"

Arxios1273d ago

I would think visuals are subjective to each person. What I feel is visually immersive, may not be to somebody else. Final Fantasy 6 is still visually immersive to me, but there is definitely people that would not agree.

Pandamobile1273d ago

It's hilarious how wrong you are, Donut.

AgentSmithPS41273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Different things matter to different people, you aren't the lord of the internets...

"We have a product for people who say graphics don't matter," says Microsoft's Don Mattick, "it's called Xbox 360." ;)

Bakkies1273d ago

I am saddened by all your disagrees. You are right, gamers have just become extremely shallow.

Funnily enough that the older games that focuses on narrative and gameplay is more immersive to me than most AAA games. Substance over the superficial.

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imtheman20131273d ago

Graphics always matter, but not in the way that some people might think. I care about a game's graphical fidelity, but not whether said game's graphics are 'realistic' or not. I look for whether or not the graphics enhance the art style of the game, and if the game calls for realism, then the graphics should reflect that. A game like Cuphead certainly doesn't have realistic graphics, but it does look phenomenal.

As for Fallout 4, I think that the graphics look fine because they match the world. The environments look wonderful. I suppose the character models could be a little bit nicer, but mostly on the animations front (from what I've seen). Then again, Bethesda RPGs have never been known for their outstanding character models. Really looking forward to Fallout 4 for many reasons, graphical realism isn't topping that list.

chrisx1273d ago

Atleast he admits it. graphics do matter.

JaggedCarpet1273d ago

Graphics do matter, as different graphical styles can completely change the tone of a game, but I think there are other things more important, like gameplay.

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