Four New Games Rated for PS Vita (No, They Aren’t AAA…Obviously)

Don't get too excited, just be happy games are still being made for the PS Vita - even if they are ports.

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TheGamez1001251d ago

Given up on western AAAs already. Only looking forward for jrpgs, good indies, and ps4 remote play, everybody should know this by now...

Paul_Murphy1251d ago

There are still many that think shouting, screaming and throwing tantrums through their keyboard will change the situation. The Vita is still running, but will have precious little support from Sony or bigger third parties. Many though are still supporting it, and what they offer I like, so will be playing for some time.

If it doesn't offer what someone wants, then they should really consider selling it and moving on.

nodim1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Well, I throw a tantrum from time to time when they steal even those. Or refuse to show the sole serious vita exclusive that could make people talk, like Square and Sony did. They've even presented a non-existing nameless game from an unknown developer for ten minutes, but not SaGa.

starcatcher1251d ago

Neglected by its own creators.

dark-kyon1251d ago

Troll article,don't give click at these scums.

chrish19901251d ago

Troll article? Mate, check the rest of the site, the vita has a lot of love from the games cabin, but after not even getting a mention at e3 has earned sony a ribbing.

Eidolon1251d ago

Dude, that's what it's getting, they're not trolling, no one actually believes that the Vita was successful.

nodim1250d ago

Well, but they are trolling, quite clearly so, one doesn't interfere with the other. It's not a news piece, just a silly sarcastic jab.

Paul_Murphy1251d ago

The Vita has many games, like around 200 incoming. On top of nearly 400 existing games. This week alone it may have had a non-existent showing at E3 but we have learned that Telltale Games ARE bringing Minecraft: Story Mode and Game of Thrones to the Vita, we have World of Final Fantasy and Devolver confirmed Crossing Souls and Robin. That's on top of everything else that's coming, and PlayStation Spain CEO James Armstrong has alluded to two additional Disney titles in development for the Vita.

It lacks the proper western support and of course Sony should support it more, but it doesn't need sarcastic articles or any more negativity. At what point will it stop becoming "cool" to hate on it?

Eidolon1251d ago

It's not that it's cool, I think the majority of it comes from sheer disappointment.

Spotie1251d ago

If that were all it was, the hate would have moved on already.

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