Pre-order and pre-download FIFA 16 right now on Xbox One

Neil writes "If there's one game that is guaranteed to keep you playing for months on end, then FIFA 16 is surely it. Any football fan worth their salt will be all over the latest EA title as soon as it releases on 24th Sept 2015...may as well get it downloaded right now on Xbox One then!"

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oKidUKo1249d ago

The only digital release that's a bit overpriced which I'll actually pre-order. Having ploughed 600hours+ into its predecessor I want to be ready to rock on day one. And if it was in disc form, no other game would get a look in.

icerob1249d ago

why preorder and download 3 months in advance? It will get an update and it I cant see that it is cheaper

oKidUKo1249d ago

To be prepared and to put a football addicts mind at rest lol. Not cheaper than shops I'll agree on that.

dreamed1249d ago

Buy it on the Hungarian or usa store cheap as shit $60 is £35,and quite often Hungarian prices are really cheap I payed £25 for hardline digital,with gameshare it was £12 each!!!!