The Last Guardian development 'going very well,' no plans for visual overhaul

PlayStation Universe writes:

"Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS), has said that development of The Last Guardian is progressing well, and that the firm is confident it will hit its 2016 launch window.

Yoshida-san spoke of the challenges faced in making the game for PlayStation 3 prior to its shift to the PS4."

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DarkOcelet1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

It did have an overhaul.

"So the old engineering effort had to go back to the drawing board and be remade for PS4."

The PS3 couldn't handle it with that kind of brilliant visuals.

"Actually, making the game on PS3 was super difficult so basically we gave up. Because it was too slow, the progress.But still the game didn't perform to the required levels and some features are still missing."

Trico's fur and eyes looks so damn realistic and the environment textures looks amazing.

I cant wait for this.

mikeslemonade1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

That PS3 target trailer was a TARGET TRAILER. You need a good PC to render those kinds of particles and that kind of realistic fur.

Y'all know I'm critical about visuals and for this game I think it's fine. Especially with the new art pictures that has been leaked. The game is suppose to open up. If it's more of a open world type game it's not gonna look that great.

To this day you can still play SOTC and it's still playable. It doesn't look like butt.

The textures look great. And it looks like a PS4 game to me. I don't see how any PS3 game looks as good as this. Now the fur and feathers don't look that great on Trico but it's fine. The game isn't intended to be an Uncharted cinematic type of experience. They just showed us that part of the game because it was very "actiony" to appeal to the casual audience.

TWB1249d ago

Did they also include the texture flicker/physics going crazy on purpose on that "target" trailer?

I agree with rest of your comment but I believe the original trailers were running in realtime on some sort of devkit probably.

If you look at the 2009/2010 trailer where Trico rescues the boy and the boy climbs on Trico, look at Tricos left ear when the angle shifts behind the boy and Trico.

Theres some sort of graphical glitching going on.

showtimefolks1249d ago

Can't wait I am glad the development is now going smooth. Can't wait 2016 is shaping up as great year for ps4

Ratchet and clank
the last guardian
uncharted 4

We most likely will also get GT7 along with game from media molecule: Dreams

I think we will know more at Playstation event, since Sony this won't have a gamesCom conference this year's

DarkOcelet1249d ago

PSX and TGS will surely be filled with so many goodies.

asmith23061249d ago

Yeah looks awesome. The art style Ueda's games use is really mystical which I love.

miyamoto1249d ago

If it weren't for remasters I wouldn't have had the opportunity to experience ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.
And I am so glad they were remastered for PS3.

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Elda1249d ago

Can't wait to play this emotional gem!

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Toiletsteak1249d ago

I was never interested in this game at all but after E3 i can say i want to play it.

isarai1249d ago

I really hope they ignore this dumb criticism, the game looks great and actually looks FAR better than a stream or youtube video would give it credit for, it has a lot of subtleties and intricacy in its design and in the lighting and overall atmospherics. Try watching the near lossless fooage on, trust me it looks better than you think

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