Hitman dev thinks selling season passes are wrong

MWEB GameZone writes: "Season passes, some gamers love them while others detest the idea. Whatever the case may be, more and more game developers are pushing season passes onto the consumers, even before a game is released.

One developer has stood up against the practice of selling DLC season passes at E3. Here are the details"

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SonZeRo1248d ago

I don't mind season passes, aslong as content isn't hidden and made available only to season pass owners, same goes for pre-order bonuses.

Sillicur1248d ago

Good point. I think devs are taking more and more chances. Maybe even keeping content that could be in a game's launch for a season pass, which is wrong.

subtenko1248d ago

selling season passes IS wrong........ not are..."IS"

700p1248d ago

I think the only season pass I purchased was from gears of war 3. I personally cant stand them though.

DARK WITNESS1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

what i find funny is how people seem to have forgotten how this whole season crap started...

going back last gen when dev's kept complaining about the pre-owned market and how they were loosing out because people were not buying the games new... season passes started off as something free that people who bought the game day one would get, this was to get more people buy new with the promise of getting some future dlc free.

Then it turned into turned into buy the game, buy the season pass and get all future dlc.. well at least for that year.

Then it turned into buy the game, buy the season pass, get some of the dlc for that year.. and then buy the rest of the dlc as well..

great example of this was Boarderlands and Boarderlands 2.

never been big on buying season passes to begin with but friend of mine get me all hyped on all the content that was released in the season pass.

then Boarderlands 2 came along, get the season pass because you will get all the dlc which is great value for money.. except no, this time you only the first 4 bits of dlc. The rest.... $$$$

Dirtnapstor1248d ago

I recall the controversy. I don't mind the idea now providing the new content is actually content worth having and not afterthought add ons. My only season pass I regret buying was COD Ghosts. It had been a while since I bought any COD expansions, it sucked! Very few good maps. Extinction story was cool....wish I could have bought that separately. Now I'm gunshy again.

CaptainObvious8781248d ago

If people that have no idea about the value of money are happy to bend over and buy them, then by all means the publishers can take advantage of these idiots as much as they want.

That might be hash for some people, but just as fools have to right to buy whatever they want with their own money, I have the right to my opinion.

bixxel1247d ago

They mean, giving away season passes for free are right. Because you're paying 60$ for the full product.

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ZombieDreddZA1248d ago

Not a fan of season passes myself.

Sillicur1248d ago

Indeed. I bought one for Borderlands but that was way after the game was released. Will never pre-purchase one in my life !

Choc_Salties1248d ago

Fundamentally, neither am I, but for some inexplicable reason, I will do this for Fallout 4 and it's devil-spawn... Don't know why...

Sillicur1248d ago

Ofc, fallout 4 is the exception lol! Already pre-ordred the game :)

Hellsvacancy1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

I've never bought a day 1 season pass, whenever I have it was at a reduced price, I paid £11.99 for Battlefield 4 premium on the PS3 and it transferred to the PS4 which I thought was even more worth it

Kinda off topic but I thought it was cool, I emailed David Bateson yesterday (47 voice actor) asking him if he's still voicing 47 in the new Hitman as the new Hitman looks younger, he replied saying

"Thanks for your mail. I am pleased to tell you that I will be voicing Agent 47 again in Hitman 6 - even though he looks younger now! Hoped you liked the trailer shown at the E3 in LA"

I almost fell off my chair when he replied to me

Sillicur1248d ago

Oh thats very cool news man. I love his voice acting! awesome for sharing. Its great when someone like that replies

DesVader1248d ago

That is really cool that he replied to you! :)

animegamingnerd1248d ago

if anything Season Pass's don't make me want to buy any of the DLC until all of them are out.

Sillicur1248d ago

Hmm thats an excellent point.

showtimefolks1248d ago

There are some games which I did the season pass for. Borderlands 1, and I don't regret the season pass. Borderlands 2 I regret the season pass

I will never get the season pass, simple as that. I am interested in fallout 4 dlc expanions, but why pay for 1 if I may only like 1 or 2 expanions

I don't like the fact each and every game now launches with season pass, and most of the times we are told about season passes way before the game is due

More power to you if you like season passes, but personally I don't

plut0nash1248d ago

Dark Souls and Project CARS for me.

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