E3 2015 special Pt.1 - Bethesda, Xbox & EA

The QorC team assembles to drink dirty martinis and talk through the E3 conferences of Bethesda, Xbox and EA.

Get ready for all the fallout (get it?) over at Bethesda, backwards talk from Xbox and why EA should bring Pele to every game announcement - he was just that good.

Rather listen to the podcast, just click through for the iTunes link.

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Kipster1279d ago

I was thinking about Microsoft adding backwards compatibility. As a PS4 owner, I was insanely jealous, but then I realised that most of the last gen games I want to play are on the 360 anyway.

So my ideal solution for PS4 backwards compatibility is that the thing plays 360 games. Can someone sort that out? Cheers.

If Shenmue 3 can happen, I don't think anything is beyond the realms of possibility...

Also, PS Now is not a viable alternative to backwards compatibility. I have a decent connection, and everything just chugs away for me. I want to play games locally.

TLG19911279d ago

for PS the best thing they could do to tackle it is if you have the game or its on your account you get a PSnow version for free.

with you saying your PSnow chugs but you have a decent internet speed i would consider looking into a new router or opening ports on your current on. i dont have the greatest internet ive ever had and my PSnow beta runs smooth as anything it blows me away.

Kipster1279d ago

Yeah, I've heard some people really praising the smoothness of PS now, which doesn't actually with my experience at all.

I'll tinker with my ports...

You make a good point about giving PS Plus games to owners of the original games. It's not quite the same as full backwards compatibility, but it would show some good will.

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