Facebreaker demo on Live next week, PSN week after

DarkZero: The Xbox 360 demo will be available on Thursday July 31st and the PS3 version will be arriving a week later on August 7th. No reason was given for the weeks delay on Sony's console.

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SuperSaiyan43798d ago

All too common on the black box isn't it?

Rob0g0rilla3798d ago

Nothing on 360 gets delayed. Just look at Halo Wars, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell for proof.

kornbeaner3798d ago

Same when trying to get your little white box back from repairs.

tweaker3797d ago

If you're talking about the Xbox Elite, that is correct. ;)

Bob Dole3797d ago

Who cares, you guys are r-tards.

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red_ring_of_death3798d ago

who cares
its peter moore
do i have to say more

GiantEnemyCrab3798d ago

See. Even if Silver members on Live have to wait a week to download demo's just think you are still getting them at the same time as the PS3 fans do.

This is not waiting..

PirateThom3797d ago

But you can't play online, so it's really not the same at all.

Bill Gates3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Sh!t I almost forget, where did that super BABOON Peter Moore used to work before he was PLACED at EA,....hmmmmm, Oh yeah that's right,.....M$!!

Every little favor counts right Peter?....AHAHAHHAHHAHA

Fat Like Juuken3797d ago

That picture on this article me an Juuken. wtf

Jandre023798d ago

I guess ill go sell my PS3 now :-(.

toughNAME3798d ago

I bet the PS3 version will have trophies

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The story is too old to be commented.