UGO: Silent Hill: Homecoming Hands-on Impressions

UGO writes: "We got not just one but two up-close looks at Konami's Silent Hill: Homecoming at this year's E3, and what we saw was encouraging. Even among fans the series has its share of nonbelievers, folks who have grown increasingly frustrated with each release's strict adherence to certain formulaic elements, such as a fixed camera and non-intuitive combat mechanics. With a new developer on board – Double Helix Games – and some cool new ideas to implement from the latest release in the series, the PlayStation Portable-exclusive Silent Hill: 0rigins, Silent Hill: Homecoming is looking like it will offer the top-to-bottom restructuring that fans of the series have been waiting so long for, starting with versions for Xbox 360 and Windows PCs in addition to PlayStation 3.

For those who need to be refreshed, this latest Silent Hill story follows Alex Shepard, a military man who is returning to his family's home in Shepard's Glen when the game opens. Alex's trip is not necessarily a happy one either; he's been receiving subconscious suggestions – perhaps it's a message? – that his father and brother are both in trouble. Of course, Alex doesn't settle in for some nice family time in Shepard's Glen; instead, he finds himself wandering along the fog-shrouded, nightmare-infested streets of Silent Hill."

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