Deadwalk: The Last War - Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Deadwalk: The Last War is a reworked and rereleased version of a previous mobile MMORPG, called "The Last War". Deadwalk: The Last War has been reworked into a game that is more fun and more fair compared to the previous release of the game, and judging by the popularity since it was released, it appears to be working. You play in a post apocalyptic zombie world, and your goal is to fight your way to the top while raiding other players, as well as exploring all around the outside world, practicing your offense and defense, and collecting food, water, metal, fuel and money.

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yomiser1277d ago

Deadwalk The Last War is a Horrible game,I just started last week and every day a level 60 to 70 comes in and wipes me out then two or three in succession all while i am asleep or working.I tell you the game is not worth my time if monster level players can one after the other destroy my city, loot it, and leave me nothing all while I'm asleep. YOU'VE GOT NO CHANCE IF YOUR NEW TO THE GAME! The developers don't care they are not responding to my emails or others about the issue since new players are so quick to lay down real money to try to get ahead. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME!

1274d ago