Gaming Trend: The mystery begins to reveal itself -- Tom Clancy's The Division hands-on

There have been multiple things revealed during E3 2015, but one of the most overlooked is the actual release date for The Division, March 8th. After years of speculation as to what The Division actually is, it was finally playable and confirmed to be releasing sometime before the Cubs win their next World Series.

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TLG19911272d ago

After watching the demo at E3 i can honestly say they well and truly put me off the division. For the same reason i didn't play gta heists much, being able to get screwed over by people you've worked with, no my gaming time is limited these days and even more so limited with friends as we all work different work shifts so getting on together is rare and it seems its important to work with friends on this now.

on the plus side that one less game i need to worry about completing at the end of this year in an already jam packed list