The Star Fox Zero demos are looking very familiar

The new addition to Nintendo's sci-fi shooter franchise is much more remix than was originally indicated.

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godmachine1248d ago

Lets see what you can do platinum

Maybay1248d ago

I hope there a semblance of courage from Platinum Games to tell Miyamoto that Star Fox needs an online mode to encourage better sales.

jholden32491248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Why the heck does this game need online for?

It's not an online game. None of the Star Fox games were online, except for that piece of crap Command on DS.

What is it with you kids thinking every single game has to have online shoehorned into it. This is a single player game, with the campaign and stuff. You know single player stuff.

Maybay1248d ago

I adored the multiplayer mode on the Nintendo64 version, and I believe an online mode for Star Fox Zero, would add more replayability.

DC7771248d ago

Looks like it's on N64. Wtf are they thinking? Time for new leadership.

jholden32491248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Shut your freaking hole and go buy the game.

All you people do is freaking whine and bitch and moan that you want this game you want this game you want this game. Protests on Miiverse to get a new Star Fox.

But now that you're finally getting it, you want to sit here and whine about the graphics, whine about online. The graphics look FINE. It looks no different then the segments from Bayonetta 2 and nobody complained about that did they.

You people are insufferable

Septic1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

The graphics don't look fine. What an immature response. The guy has perfectly valid complaints.

I actually thought it was an old remaster or something when I saw it.

SaveMeJebus1248d ago

When the graphics on the long anticipated, brand new, Wii U Star Fox game look like a GameCube game. Complaints are valid. Have they not been working on this game for quite a while?

Realplaya1248d ago

It's funny I remember when Nintendo dropped this trailer at E3 2013

People were bitching the game looks horrible Nintendo sucks blah blah blah.

Then they dropped this trailer

They did it with every 1st party game and later people were saying the game looks better than most PS4 and XBox one games.

Nintendo shows games where the build isn't complete on purpose. They like to one set low expectations then blow peoples mind 1 month prior to release.

I bet none of the people on here complaining will come back and admit there wrong when the game gets the Nintendo 6 month overhaul.

While most companies downgrade there games graphics Nintendo routinely upgrade theres.

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