Halo 3 Beta Signup Success

Last week, Microsoft debuted a new Halo 3 trailer on ESPN's Monday Night Football. At the same time, launched, allowing gamers to sign up for a chance to be part of the Halo 3 multiplayer demo next spring.

Today, Microsoft revealed that more than 140,000 people signed up for the North American beta within the first 24 hours. During that period, was bogged down with requests and for many the sign-up page would not load. Registration is still open to the public. To participate in the beta, you need an Xbox 360 with hard drive, an Xbox Live Gold account and a Microsoft.NET Passport account linked to your gamertag.

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DEIx15x84358d ago

That is really impressive when you consider that from about ten minutes after it opened till the following night the sight was unusable and did not allow any sign ups! I was expecting closer to 10,000 sign ups with over a million attempts, lol.

zonetrooper54358d ago

Its good for the americans but its starting to annoy me why us europeans can't sign up right now, come on MS and Bungie when can we expect to sign up.