Star Fox Zero Began As A Prototype For The Original Wii

One of the things that most people picked up on with Star Fox Zero was the textures, notably those on the ground. Well, it turns out that the newest entry in the Star Fox franchise began life as a prototype for the original Wii. They created something that they thought could be a Star Fox title and ran with it.

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Zero1091278d ago

It makes looks like an HD Wii game (a n64 remake). Though having no MP really killed me a lil.

NovusTerminus1278d ago

Trust me, I can tell.

But why not redo the textures? it's lazy, this looks like a year or two old Indie Game. Very lazy of them to do this.

Concertoine1278d ago

According to the developers, they sacrificed a lot to get it running at 60 fps on both screens simultaneously.

Honestly, i think they should've gone down to 30 if thats the case. I rarely say this too. The game looks fun but a Dolphin emulator running Assault or Adventures looks better.

gamingpro1278d ago

I thought the cockpit view would be more detailed, like your actually in the space ship, with all the controls, lights flashing and what not etc.. Thought they would upgrade the arwings to at least ,it looks no different than previous star Fox game

RPGrinder1278d ago

The game looks pretty stunning. They said the IDEA was a prototype. Don't you people ever read? I know it is hard.