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Hardcore Gamer: "Ever since No Man’s Sky was announced, it’s seemed like an impossible game. The gaming audience is a cynical crowd, burned by endless streams of lofty promises, so everyone treads lightly around No Man’s Sky, whispers and bated breath, a collective prayer that it won’t be just another disappointment. From questions of how such a small development studio will be able to potentially the biggest game ever created to what you’ll even do in the game beyond “explore,” mystery has swirled around No Man’s Sky like so many stars and undiscovered planets."

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EvilWay1252d ago

Hahaha well that basically kills the game

Rimeskeem1252d ago

But GTA is fun to play even when you're not playing missions...

GameDev11252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Exactly, even the GTA comparison puts in a great spotlight, EvilWay certainly doesnt play GTA

Infact reading the article, it was the developer that compared it to GTA and it was generally positive

Nirvana315911252d ago

Fall 2015 PS4 exclusives and console exclusives

Persona 5
Tales of Zesteria
Disgaea 5
Dragon Quest Heroes

Action / Adventure
Uncharted collection

Exploration / Adventure
No man's sky
Everybody's gone to the rapture

Platforming games
Tearaway Unfolded

Until Dawn

Action / Strategy
Dungeon defenders 2

It's going to be a great fall.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1252d ago

GTA without missions? That sounds epic!

freshslicepizza1252d ago

this game is playable offline? if there is lots to do in this game it will be remarkable but first we need to see an actual release date.

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joab7771252d ago

Not really. It will be interesting to see how much control we get and what type of social functions they introduce. If they allow us to form guilds of some tyoe, along with trading etc. It could be amazing. Imagine if like Eve Onlinne, we could form our own economy, our own factions, our own game withing this huge universe. Then...

All they have to do with this procedural thing, is keep an eye on things. They could add events, goals to shoot for etc. It could literally be the first game almost entirely controlled by the community. All I would want is a crafting system of some type...and this could be an epic experience.

mkis0071252d ago

Not that type of game. Meeting other people is going to be difficult.

Timesplitter141252d ago

not playing missions is the only fun way to play GTA

MysticStrummer1252d ago

"Hahaha well that basically kills the game"

A very strange opinion, in my opinion.

Moving through a large area of space, seeing little pockets of life here and there, and upgrading your gear as you go sounds more like Elder Scrolls without quests than Grand Theft Auto without missions. Even that's a weird way to put it but I think it's a bit closer to accurate.

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BitbyDeath1252d ago

Sounds really good.
Makes me wish they'd take their engine and make a DBZ game next.
Travel all over the galaxy leveling yourself up as you go whilst gaining new abilities.

AD7051252d ago

I always thought of it as a next gen pokemon snap without the pokemon. Either way It looks good.

Becuzisaid1252d ago

Lol interesting comparison

victorMaje1252d ago

1st I'm getting it, then I'll play it, then I'll judge it :)

GribbleGrunger1252d ago

No Man's Sky will be the experience I want it to be.

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