Let's Be Real About the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix has finally announced the existence of Final Fantasy VII Remake, but you should remain skeptical about it. For your own wellbeing.

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DarkOcelet1250d ago

I am expecting a 2030 release date and this is not a joke. You will see. First Kingdom Hearts 3 will be done in 2020 then they will start working on this.

mikeslemonade1250d ago

That won't happen because that would be really costly to SE. In order for them to wait that long they would have to constantly keep upping the graphics and standards to keep up with that year. They can't bring a PS3 or PS4 quality game in 2020 or 2030.

More like Kingdom Hearts is late 2016 and FF7 is early 2017.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1250d ago

My prediction for FF7 Remake is holiday 2018. I really do think that's the year it will come out.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1250d ago

Shinji Hashimoto has said that this game has been in development since before last years Sony event in December so I am expecting a 2017 release which isn't so bad. However if they think they need to delay it a bit that is fine by me. This game is happening and we should all be excited for this.

DivoJones1250d ago

I'd put FF7 at Holiday 2017 at the earliest. Much like TLG, it has several announcement/stall phases to go through.

EdMcGlone1250d ago

I really really want to believe that this will be out in a reasonable amount of time, but I know I shouldn't :(

DarkOcelet1250d ago

I love Nomura's games so much and i am sure it will be awesome but the problem is, you should never expect it any time soon.

trywizardo1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

didn't play the first one
I hope it will be as good as its hype ^_^

raWfodog1250d ago

It will just have to be good enough for now to know that they are finally listening to what we have been shouting for years. It will be very unrealistic to expect this game anytime soon. And I am okay with that (we all have to be). I just honestly hope I don't croak before then.

RustCohle1250d ago

Wishful thinking here, but hopefully it will be out by 2017. The game's 20th anniversary.

kayoss1250d ago

The author didn't take some factors Into consideration though. When they announced that ff versus it was 2006. Ff13 and ff14 was in development. We all knew versus was part of the ff13 universe so it would come out later. One thing we didn't know was that they release ff13, ff13-2, and ff13-3. Square then decided to rename ff versus 13 to ff15 and move it to the ps4. This mean that ff15 was well into development for ps3 when they decided to switch to ps4. We all know that ps3 architecture was different than ps4 so that took time to make the switch. With ff7, it will be developed for ps4.

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The story is too old to be commented.