PS3 Fanboy Hands-on: Bionic Commando

PS3 Fanboy writes: "Within moments of picking up the controller, this thought will ring immediately in your mind: this isn't Spider-man. Capcom's upcoming Bionic Commando may have you swinging from place to place, but the effect is completely different from Activision's Spider-man games. Unlike those movie franchise titles, this title demands real skill out of players -- so much so, in fact, that it was difficult for us to come to grip with the game's unique controls (sorry for the pun).

Don't expect to simply hold a trigger and jump around from place to place. You must actually aim where your bionic arm will extend to. You'll have an extra reticule on-screen which shows what you can and cannot attach to. What surprised us the most was how short the bionic arm actually is: don't expect to jump over large canyons in a single swing."

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