Xbox 360 game-streaming is coming to Windows 10

As if backwards compatibility for Xbox One wasn't enough, Microsoft's also going to let you stream those older games to Windows 10 PCs.

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343_Guilty_Spark1276d ago

I knew it. Microsoft is readying Xbox to be its gaming platform across all devices. PC, Console, and won't matter.

One unified store.

XBOX anywhere.

It's happening folks!

That_Guy2441276d ago

They have said this befor they want Xbox to be a brand on console,pc and mobile. But I think M$ is grossly underestimating the hatred the pc gaming community has for them and are gonna have to work very hard to win us back. One remake of an old Gears game and some streaming isn't gonna be enough to make the pc community trust them again especially after there GFWL stunt.

Testfire1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

The more competition in the PC gaming market the better. Valve has been the big dog too long and it's time for new players to start stepping up like GOG is. If MS can create a great ecosystem then I'm all for it. I have a PC and don't really need a X1, so the more games they can bring to PC the better.

shloobmm31276d ago

Funny how pc gamers despise them but 99.9% of the games they play are based on MS's api.

That_Guy2441276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

You are right competition is good for consumers and breeds innovation but like you said MS has to create a great ecosystem that the pc community will want to use. I'm hopping they will surprise me and really pull it off but then again I won't hold my breath I have been letdown by MS before. Only time will tell if they are really committed to pc gaming like they claim.

Just because you have to use something doesn't mean you have to like it. I hate my ISP with a purple passion but since there the only choice I have I gotta use them or deal with out internet.

JasonKCK1276d ago

I been PC gaming for years and I have no reason to hate MS. Done some annoying things but hatred? Without MS my choices would be MAC or Linux. Linux is ok, MAC is...n't.

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WeAreLegion1276d ago

PS Now is a completely different type of service. It's a catalog of games that you can play. Most of which you aren't going to own.

During the beta, you could stream games you already owned for free. That functionality will come back at some point. Shame it's not back already.

smalltowngamer5031266d ago

Will that functionality come back at some point? I'd love to see sources to confirm this.

dreadz741276d ago

lol more like death blow to PS Now

LackTrue4K1276d ago

have Microsoft confirmed it's free yet? It could just be a smilar service to PlayStation NOW.

I'm going to laugh hard if there's monthly fee's.

Sgt_Slaughter1276d ago

...Are you dumb or just ignorant?

shloobmm31276d ago

They flat out said we arent fonna charge u to play the games u already own. Its backwards compatability not a streaming service. If u own the disc u put it in your x1 and play it. If you bought it digitally its waiting for you in your ready to install part of the my games monthly fees at all.

Letthewookiewin1276d ago

I don't care for PSN Now but it's on Blu-Ray players, streaming devices, Samsung and Sony TV's. People who don't have consoles will have a PS3 now, and for a Dad that hasn't gamed in years cause of kids and work who just wants to play something real quick PSN now is a great way to scratch that itch (a very small example). What MS did is fantastic but they are too different things and serve different audiences. I am looking forward to replaying Tales of Vesperia on my X1, I bought it digitally and hope MS will support it.

Bigpappy1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Too expensive. Might as well pickup a used PS3. Might even get one for free. Most people who are going to use TV and cell phone and they preferred way to play and willing to pay subs, aren't the kind of people interested in PS3 library. This service will mostly appeal to PS fans who want to play some games they missed or Xbox owners who always wanted to try a PS3 exclusive. But again: Most console oriented gamers will not pay those subs.

rainslacker1275d ago

How so? This is just Xbox One streaming to the PC. Still requires you own an X1 unlike PSNow which just requires a PSNow capable device.

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Satyre281276d ago

Man Xbox is literally just getting everything right lately. I gotta say if they keep this up, they are gonna win a lot of fans over. Btw idk if any of you didnt see it but that new UI that is coming to Xbox One with cortana is omg lovely. Its so fsat, no more leaving games to do things, everything is literally instant, and cortana can do EVERYTHING for you. I recommend to watch the video its amazing.

WizzroSupreme1276d ago

Windows is the Xbox's Death Star and it just fired its first shot.

raWfodog1276d ago

You probably shouldn't use a battle fortress that was destroyed twice as an example in your analogy :)

optimus1276d ago

I think it's a good representation seeing as how yes it was destroyed twice but by an outside party. It didn't just fall apart or stop working on its own....although that has yet to be determined on windows 10. :p

JasonKCK1276d ago

raWfodog that was funny as hell.

optimus1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I tell you the xb1 has done a complete 360 (pun totally intended) from last e3 and it's all due to phil spencer taking the reigns. It's because he really is a gamer and approaches things as a gamer and not some desk jockey in a suit and tie...i'm considering getting a windows phone now just to have full integration across the board...

Now i don't know the extent of the streaming but if it can stream to ANY pc anywhere and use a windows phone as a controller then i'm all in cause i have a lot of downtime at work and this would be golden.

diesoft1276d ago

A complete 360 would mean they ended up exactly where they started.

But I do agree xbox needed Spencer badly. Mattrick hurt xbox so badly with that reveal the same way the $600 ps3 reveal hurt sony. Recovery takes time but it's coming along fine.

optimus1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Yes i know, from the last e3 where it seemed like they did everything wrong and even alienated loyal followers to this e3 where it looks like they are doing everything right and regaining brand loyalty; a restart if you will...i call that a 360 in my book (as opposed to the 180 you might be thinking). Plus my pun wouldn't work had i said 180. :p

Paytaa1276d ago

I'm also considering a Windows Phone due to all the cross-integration between all MS devices. I love my S4 but Microsoft is really luring me in. They're on a roll right now and I'm loving everything I'm hearing.

rainslacker1275d ago

I like my windows phone. I think it's a nice interface, and it's perfectly capable if you don't do much on your phone besides make calls and use youtube or whatever.

But I would have a hard time recommending it in it's current state, and since it may be a while before one platform becomes significant, it may be best to hold off on it. Particularly since MS is in the hardware market as well, I would wait for the phones to actually have Win10 on them, as they did screw over win7 phone users when going to 8.

That being said, the Xbox apps are available on google phones, so if that's all you're looking for, then it's worth noting that you can get a lot more use and support out of those phones than a windows phone, which can be pretty sparse on any major thing that comes along.

When it comes to mobile development, Google and Apple are still the big places where devs turn to, and I don't see that changing much for win10 in the near future. PC devs are keen on it due to one platform, but the general mobile dev community is mostly overlooking windows phone like they always have due to the install base being inconsequential so it doesn't return their development investment that much.

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