Fans may be too mad about the new "Metroid"

Is it really bad enough for over 10k people to sign for it to be CANCELED

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Blastoise1249d ago

I don't think it looks good. But it shouldn't be cancelled.

For all I know it was some guys game of the show and his most anticipated game. Who am I to petition for it to be cancelled?

Brotard1249d ago

Wow, this may seem like a simple comment but it shows insight that most gamers can't comprehend. You took a second to stop and think that, as gamers we aren't entitled to be pleased by every game release ever. And that we all
Have different opinions. That public outrage may be the wrong way to approach a situation. Some people prefer mobile games for their simplicity and touch and go style. Bubble for you my fellow Pokemon!

miyamoto1249d ago

Man, Nintendo!

I asked for a AAA HD Metroid shooter and this is what I get?

My goodness!!!!

Nodoze1249d ago

My kids asked for an Animal Crossing game on the Wii U and they were given Amiibo Party BS. Nintendo have jumped the shark.

How can the company that gave us Splatoon, be the same one to give us Amiibo party. What a crock of shite that is.

Nintendo is more interested in making toys and cards.

Relientk771249d ago

I saw it and I don't even know what it was. But it definitely wasn't Metroid

gangsta_red1249d ago

So Nintendo can slap any name on anything and call it a spinoff?

No, Nintendo needed brand recognition for an unknown title. Space guys with arm guns...hmmmm, that's kind of sort of similar to Samus...METROID!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1249d ago

oh so
Nintendo would just call

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
Super Mystery Dungeon then

ApolloTheBoss1249d ago

This is just too hilarious. I've never once in my life seen a petition to get a game cancelled.

AtariFanboy1249d ago

Would've been fine, but they decided to slap the Metroid Prime name on it.

Baka-akaB1249d ago

Yeah i'll agree that the petition is ridiculous and serves no real purpose , most other negative reactions however arent .

It's opinion on the product , deal with it , and stop using the silly folks with a petition , as a way to generalise and demonize everyone believing the game to be a bad move

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