The Jim Henson Company Created Nintendo's E3 2015 Puppets

Jim Henson's Creature Shop made puppet costumes resembling three of Nintendo's top executives to be used for the opening of the Nintendo Digital Event.

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Relientk771041d ago

I'm not surprised. I definitely see it.

Moonman1041d ago

They are well done! I liked the puppet idea..that was not the problem...

1041d ago
3-4-51041d ago

I thought that was obvious. For anybody who used to watch anything Muppets, the movements alone gave it away during the dancing.

Perjoss1041d ago

The banana one cracked me up

Moonman1041d ago

When they danced to the Star Power music...I won't ever forget

Baka-akaB1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

It was actually well done . What i didnt get , is that i kinda expected some muppets game announcement , out of that theme or some Muppets amibo.

1041d ago
Agent_00_Revan1041d ago

Only enjoyable part of the digital event sadly.

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